Lifesaving cancer treatment in Canada #DAresists #Medicare4all

My husband, Leonard Kosiec, was diagnosed with esophagus cancer in October of 2011. He was admitted to the Foot Hills hospital in Calgary in December, 2011 and had his esophagus removed. The Canadian system was timely and the doctors and other health professionals excellent. In March of 2012, he was admitted to the Kelowna Cancer Centre for chemo and radiation. There he received both excellent personal and professional treatment. We were hopeful that he had made a full recovery. However, in October of 2012, there was signs that the caner was returning. From this time until he passed away in December of 2012, the Canadian system gave him excellent attention and care both with local doctors and at the hospital. We had not doubt but what he had the best research and care available. During this time, we had no personal medical expenses. This would not have happened in the United States. We would have lost our home and been in heavy debt. The Canadian system works in an efficient and ethical manner. The United States should adopt the model. Barbara McFarlin-Kosiec, Ph. D., Leadership