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I support Democrats Abroad because I believe the Democratic Party is the party in the United States that best represents my values and commitment to social justice and equal rights and respect for all.

  • A perspective from Canada #DAresists #Medicare4all

    If one looks at the statistics of how many people are self employed it makes the expectations of people affording private insurance really insurmountable. Add that to the fact that almost the entire Private sector now gets away with not offering Pensions, which results in hard working people paying for insurance & health care, rather than putting money away for their retirement. Its amazing that the USA still does not have universal coverage, but I suspect well benefitted and pensioned people in Congress & "civil servants" have little incentive to do anything about this as well. Melissa Crenshaw

  • A great story from the UK and Sweden! #DAresists #Medicare4all

    I have had the pleasure of having free health care in Sweden and the UK. I am a native born New Yorker, so that I had good insurance through my teachers union, UFT of New York. When I expected my first child I was charged $5000 for doctor and hospital days. With my insurance I only had to pay $500. But, I moved to Sweden in 1981 and my second child cost me nothing. This included 12 days in hospital to help me nurse my child before I came home. Heath care was free then. Then I moved to England and I get free health care. Now that I am 60+, I also get free prescriptions . I do not have to pay for my medicines . My husband, had cancer and his operation was free and included free 12 days in hospital. His surgeon was excellent and now he is cancer free. I thank the NHS,the National Health Service, started in 1948, for my and my husband's piece of mind.

  • A story from Thailand #DAresists #Medicare4all

    Re: Share your universal healthcare story Even Thailand has universal healthcare Thailand is an emerging economy that might actually emerge but for lurching from half-hearted democracy to totalitarianism and back every 10 years or so. Much of the country remains what used to be called third world. Nevertheless there is a public hospital in every county and clinic in every township with quality care, including medication virtually free for citizens and a small nominal fee for non-citizens. They don't even ask if you are legal! My son from the US spend seven days in the hospital a few years ago, with a private room. The entire cost, room, doctors, medicines etc. was about 200 US. Would have been much less on a ward. Sure, there's a shortage of physicians and long waits, but in the end everybody has access to good, quality very affordable care, no questions asked, no burdensome paperwork. There are also private hospitals--much less expensive than in the US. What's wrong with the US that it cannot provide what even a chaotic totalitarian dictatorship considers a human right?

  • Health Care in New Zealand #DAresists #Medicare4all

    Last year I tore my ACL skiing in New Zealand while there on a working holiday visa. After a trip to the physio I learned about ACC; a program that provides healthcare coverage to everyone within the boundaries of New Zealand if they are injured in any type of accident. At the time I was 25 and had just lost my American health insurance the month prior when my dad lost his job. So my options were to stay in NZ and have knee surgery done without having to pay anything out of pocket, or return to America for surgery and be in debt thousands of dollars. As a recent graduate I was not too keen on adding medical debt on top of my student loans. I was due to leave New Zealand in 10 days and had no intentions of staying but obviously I had to for the surgery. It took me a while to get over how insane it was that I couldn't return to my OWN COUNTRY to have surgery where I'd have my family to take care of me. Lucky for me I had an incredibly generous group of Kiwis who got me through this difficult situation, both physically and emotionally. -Kaylyn Hobelman

  • Universal Health Care in UK #DAresists #Medicare4all

    I support universal health care. I and everyone I know in the UK have benefitted from it. I had one child in an NHS hospital and benefitted enormously from the in-home aftercare the NHS provided. I had a home birth with my second child and again, fantastic aftercare which I know my sister in the US with her two expensive caesareans did not have. I've had operations on the NHS, my children have their vaccines, etc etc. I've got friends who've had cancer and don't have to worry that if it comes back they won't be 'covered' for further treatment. How cruel and heartless would that be? In a civilised country, taxes should pay to take care of the population as a whole - access to health care should be a right, not a privilege. A society is judged by how it treats its most vulnerable citizens. Jennifer Grigg

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