April 2022 Recommendations

  • American Radical is a 5-part pod-series about Roseanne Boyland who died at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. NBC and MSNBC reporter and host, Ahmyn Mohyeldin narrates a very in-depth look at what happened to a 30-some year old woman who had never before been political. They propose many hypotheses for how and why she was there at the Capitol and died on that day. We do not recommend listening to the 6-part series in one day. It is a sad and intense story, without a happy ending, and leaves one with many questions and emotions. You can find it here

  • Some of us happen to actually OWE Michael Moore for helping us wake up from a lethargic or Republican upbringing. He has pretty much “holed up” during the COVID 19 months, but his weekly message, substack, and podcast continue.  You can sign up free for the substack, or contribute, and if you only want the podcast click here

Listen wherever you get your podcasts. Enjoy!