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August Brain Zone Quiz


It's a Military Living

They work with bugs, soufflés and even superheroes. … See how much you know about the jobs military members do.

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July Quiz



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Take This PTSD Quiz: 

Here is the first question:

#1 Thinking about the past week, how often have you had trouble focusing on things like reading, TV shows, or conversations?

Zero? (Score 0 points) Once? (Score 1 pt.) A few? (Score 2) Several? (Score 3)

To learn your PTSD risk level, answer the 17 questions here.

Which of these 7 Veteran Celebrities
Received a Dishonorable Discharge?

1.  Willie Nelson
2.  Jimi Hendrix
3.  Steve McQueen
4.  Ice-T
5.  Jerry Garcia
6.  George Carlin
7.  Don Rickles

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Veteran General Knowledge Quiz


  1. What is the correct spelling? Veterans Day, Veteran’s Day or Veterans’ Day.
  2. Of all the living veterans (24 million veterans living today), what percent have served in the Vietnam War?
  3. Before it was called Veterans’ Day, it was known as _______________.
  4. Which country, along with the U.S., stood beside South Korea in the Korean War against communism?
  5. What is the motto of the Department of Veterans Affairs?
  6. Out of the 46 presidents that the U. S. has had, how many have been a veteran?
  7.  Which  famous actor attained the highest military rank in U.S. history for an entertainer, and what was his rank?
  8. Who is the famous U.S. military leader who was denied admission to West Point twice?
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