VMF October Educational Resources



The World on the Brink: John F. Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis 

Cuban Missile Crisis 

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum

VMF September Educational Resources



Constitution Day Educator & Student Resources: 

Constitution Quiz › Kids USCHS

We The People video https://youtu.be/-llO658Ld-Q

The Constitution and Congress | OER Commons

We the People

Our Constitution. Our History. Our Future.

We the People | OER Commons

5 constitutional amendments for right now

2022 National Book Festival


VMF August Educational Resources

MilLife Learning Web-Based Training for Military

Resources designed for service members, their families, survivors and those who support them—anytime, from anywhere.


VMF July Educational Resources


Read Beyond the Beaten Path is the theme for the DoD-MWR Libraries 2022 summer reading program. To register, click here and search for the link to your installation library.

Military Kids: a program that funds scholarships for Reserve and National Guard families. For details, click here


for Transitioning Military & Veterans:

A Complete Guide to Using Your GI Bill: Here

Transition Guide: From Military to College: Here

Military Scholarship Guide: Here

Veteran Scholarship Guide: Here

Military Spouse Scholarship: To access information on the National Military Family Association’s scholarship program, along with FAQS + eligibility details, click here.

The Journey of the Military Child: The MCEC (Military Child Education Coalition) will continue to serve military-connected students with their 24th annual signature event. They will welcome in-person attendees to Washington, DC for a refreshed, reinvigorated, and revitalized professional learning event, the 2022 MCEC Global Summit. It will focus on supporting and nurturing all areas of development and learning while incorporating a broader view of the skills and knowledge military-connected children need for long-term success. The Global Summit will be July 18-20 at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Washington, DC. For information, click here.

The Posse Veterans Program: The Posse Veterans Program identifies, trains, and supports groups of ten veterans (in a cohort or “posse”) who will pursue their bachelor's degrees together. Learn how the Posse Program identifies post-9/11 Veterans for its program, how Posse’s partner colleges select Veterans for the program and guarantee that tuition is covered for all four years, and how Posse’s 200+ Corporate partners support Posse alumni. Nominations will remain open through September 15, 2022 for the 2023 Scholarship Cohort. For more information go here or here. 


Free Practice For the SAT 

Parents and students, you can now develop a personal study program with Khan Academy to help practice for the Scholastic Assessment Tests. This is a free program available to all. You can access the Khan Academy program by clicking here.