VMF Film-Book August 2022

Film recommendations

Wolf Hound is about a WWII German operation to repair and refurbish fallen Allied aircraft to conduct stealth combat against Allied targets. Link to the trailer. Available in Digital format or to rent on demand—Blu-ray and DVD.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939), classic political comedy-drama film directed by Frank Capra, starring Jean Arthur   and  James Stewart, won the Academy Award for Best Original Story and was nominated for a total of eleven Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor.

“The story of one man who believed he could make a difference, and stood up to the entire United State government. A great story about how the American rule of law works and how one man can bring change to the course of human events.” Free on Internet Archive

Best military movies



Book recommendation

Nelson DeMill \

Nelson DeMille’s novel, The Charm School, will keep you wondering. What happened to the young American and the Trans Am he was driving across Russia, where are the Vietnam POWs and MIAs, is this possible? Add the CIA, KGB, and a love story, and you have a great Cold War summer read.