VMF Film-Book July 2022

Film recommendations

Lincoln: The 2012 film about the 16th president, directed by Steven Spielberg, stars Daniel Day-Lewis, who won an Academy Award for his performance. Available on Amazon. PG-13

Born On The Fourth of July: This film is based on the true story of Ron Kovic, a Marine who became paralyzed during his second tour in Vietnam. Kovic became an impassioned critic of the war and is still politically active. Available on Amazon. 1990, Rated R



Book recommendation


Have you been asking yourself the vitally important, and disturbing, questions: Can American democracy, as we know it today, ever work again? And, if it can, what needs to happen to assure that it can?

This shocking, candid, personal account of the 2020 election, the pandemic, the Insurrection and the first year of the Biden presidency by two NY Times reporters exposes the deep volcanic forces within both parties. It reads like a novel with stunning, in-the-room detail. The authors break news on most every page, drawing on hundreds of interviews and never-before-seen documents and recordings. Biden & Harris, Trump, Pelosi, Schumer, the Progressive Caucus, Manchin, Sinema, McCarthy, McConnell---each is covered in depth with provocative insights. Highly recommended!