Welcome Catie Brand! Our new DA France Women's Caucus Chair

On March 11, 2021, Catie Brand was elected Chair of our Democrats Abroad France Women’s Caucus.

Catie arrived in Paris a short 18 months ago and is currently working for a global human capital company. As a Human Resources executive, she advocates for women's equality, intersectionality, and she participates in the Employers for Pay Equity (EPE) consortium in the US.

Catie’s background is in human capital, labor, immigration and talent acquisition. As a Human Resources executive, she has achieved great success in women's equality in her workplace, including achieving gender pay equity and 60% female representation at leadership levels.

Catie writes:

“I’m both humbled and energized by the opportunity to potentially follow in the footsteps of the incredible women who have established and grown the footprint of the global women’s caucuses for Democrats Abroad. What an exciting time it is to be a Womxn in this world, with such incredible headwinds as we start 2021 with leaders like Kamala Harris making history in the White House. A few causes and initiatives I’m especially excited to advance together with all of you include: the Equal Rights Amendment, Reproductive Rights, Ending Violence Against Women and Climate Change.”

Stay tuned, you’ll be hearing more from Catie on issues such as the above as well as our continued activism for women’s rights (passing the ERA), violence against women, reproductive rights, women and climate change, feminist reading, women in the military, and very much more.  

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