February 19, 2023

What's in a name...

What’s In a Name?


I hear you name me

Depositing me in your closet

Confined in a cardboard box

Scrambling amongst the forsaken


I hear you name me

The sound with the two syllables

Or did it used to be one?

One-size assumedly fits all


I hear you name me

While trying to deny

My illustrious presence

Disconcerted by history


I hear you name me

an unnecessary concession

a sanction for a birthday party

claiming ownership with immunity


I hear you name me

My suffering a mockingbird blues

Coinciding with your profits

Recriminations decidedly ignored


I hear you name me

 A brand mark with a capital N

So, playing deaf and dumb

I simply ignore your ass

Camille Elaine Thomas, January 11, 2023