WOW! Election Night Triumphs!

Congratulations to DA Phonebanking Volunteers on an Amazing Election Night!

Results like this don’t just happen--it took the hard work of volunteers like you to “Get Out the Vote” and deliver this stinging repudiation of Trumpism and the Republicans!

Our phonebanking efforts brought these victories up and down the ballot:

  • Ralph Northam won a resounding 9-point victory (54% to 45%) to become the new Governor of Virginia. Democrats also swept the state-wide races for Lt Governor and Attorney General by similar margins.

  • Democrats flipped an astounding 14 seats in the VA House of Delegates. With results still pending, Democrats have a strong shot at doing the impossible and taking back the majority in the VA State House.

    • Five seats still too close to call--and our overseas ballots will be the deciding factor!
    • Only 69 votes defeated the Chair of the VA House Republican caucus. Every vote counts!
  • Phil Murphy won a huge 13-point victory (55% to 42%) as Governor of NJ, giving Democrats a new “trifecta” with control of NJ state government. And as the icing on the cake, Democrats also flipped a NJ State Senate seat.

  • Manka Dhingra's resounding 11-point victory (55% to 44%) in WA’s State Senate race gives Democrats control of WA State Senate and another new “trifecta” with control of the WA State government. WA Democrats can now implement progressive measures that were stymied by Republicans in the State Senate

  • Democrats lost only one election as Dr. Kathie Allen was defeated in her race for the Utah 3rd Congressional District race.

Since Trump’s election, Democrats have flipped 21 state legislative seats--and we’re just getting started!

So, please take a well-deserved “victory break”--but let’s keep the momentum going! In a few days we’ll start a new phonebanking campaign in support of Democrat Doug Jones, who is running against Republican extremist Roy Moore for Jeff Session’s old Senate seat in Alabama. Even in deep-red Alabama, the candidates are running neck-and-neck in the polls.

And a special shout-out to phonebanking volunteers Dean Shuey (DA Philippines), Wendy Abondolo (DA UK) and Laura Mosedale (DA UK). Each of them made over 300 phonebanking calls in the last month.

Thank you all for your time, effort  and commitment!