March 01, 2021

2021 AGM Results and Minutes

Democrats Abroad Calgary Chapter

AGM (Via: Webex)

Date: February 23, 2021

Time: 7:10pm

In attendance: Jim Davis, Dean Kasner, Elizabeth Rohlman, Briana Stallcup, Ryan Robinson, Carly Deibler, Sheena Trotter-Dennis, Michael Hedgecock

Meeting Minutes taken by Dean Kasner

Agenda: Name new elected Officers , Jim and Dean stepping down from their officer positions, Introduction of new officers, general discussion.

Approval of Agenda: Dean and Elizabeth

Review of Agenda from AGM April 2, 2020: Jim

Approval of 2020 AGM minutes : Dean and Elizabeth

Election Overview and process: Jim, Dean

Jim briefly discussed the elections process, and noted the call for nominations was posted to the chapter 45-60 days prior to the AGM, candidate statements were posted 30 days out and ballots issued to chapter membership 15 days out.  Jim mentioned some of the duties and details of chapter officers. Jim and Dean reminisced about some of the past chapter functions and events and hopes for the future.

Election results announced:  14 ballots cast for Elizabeth and Briana, who were the only two on the ballot and ran unopposed.  A call was also made for nominations from the floor for open positions and Ryan Robinson self-nominated for Member at Large, and was acclaimed for that position.

Introduction and remarks by Newly elected officers:

Elizabeth Rohlman Chair, Briana Stallcup Member at Large, Ryan Robinson Member at Large

Each new officer in turn introduced themselves and spoke of some of their past experiences pertinent to their positions

New Business: Elisabeth, Briana and Ryan spoke about what work will be needed to be done in their new roles and discussed some ideas for future chapter growth and success; Virtual gatherings, student leader outreach, guest speakers at meetings, etc.

Jim and Dean offered assistance to the new officers moving forward in their roles and tasks.

Jim gave thanks to everyone for attending the meeting and gave congratulations to the new officers

Meeting Adjourned: 7:50pm