2021 AGM Results and Minutes

Democrats Abroad Calgary Chapter

AGM (Via: Webex)

Date: February 23, 2021

Time: 7:10pm

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Candidate Statements for 2021 AGM

Our Chapter nomination period has ended for our Chapter Officers for 2021-2023, and we are very pleased to report that we have had two Chapter members put their names forward to help us continue the Chapter’s important efforts.

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2021 Calgary Chapter AGM, Election and Call For Nominations


Democrats Abroad Canada- Calgary Chapter invites you to

nominate candidates for the

2021 – 2023 Board of Directors


The Annual General Meeting (AGM) where we will hold the election of our Democrats Abroad Canada-Calgary officers and board members will take place February 23rd, 2021.  The meeting will be held online with more details to come.


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Submitting your sealed ballot to the U.S. Consulate:  We'd be happy to accept your sealed voting ballot! Once it is received, we will send it to election officials via diplomatic pouch. Please note that it may be faster for you to mail your ballot directly to election officials using the appropriate postage and the fastest method of mailing available. 

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2020 Chapter AGM

Democrats Abroad Calgary

Minutes of AGM

April 2, 2020

Location: Via “UberConference”

Time: 6:00pm

Attending: Jim Davis, Dean Kasner, Jane Perry, Matt Heller

Minutes taken by Chapter Secretary, Dean Kasner

Agenda: Discuss 2019 Chapter Meetings and events

Meeting called to order at 6:05pm.

Agenda for meeting approved.

Approval of minutes from our last AGM meeting. Minutes approved by Jim and seconded by Dean

Jim started meeting with a brief description of the meeting agenda. He gave an overview of the 2019 events and corresponding dates, including:

1) Recap of the 2019 AGM, and the announcement that Sheryl Jeffery had assumed the vice chair position.

2) Four pub nights/debate watches,

3) Fourth of July week Barbecue at Edworthy Park for the Calgary Chapter

4) On going planning for our 2020 Presidential Primary voting Centre and watch party.

AGM portion of meeting adjourned at 6:35p

Discussion of 2020 ideas followed.



Welcome to Democrats Abroad Calgary!

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DA Calgary is a chapter of DA Canada, the official country committee for US Democrats living in Canada. Calgary has a vast multitude of US expats and extended stay workers. Here at Democrats Abroad we seek to bring together all who wish to stay engaged in their American right to vote, always of importance but now more than ever.

We sponsor fun and informative events to bring like minded people together for support, sharing and solid information.

Hundreds of American citizen volunteers across Canada are working to educate all eligible U.S. voters on their right to vote and how to get their ballots to vote in every election. That includes Canadians who were born in the U.S. and those born in Canada to an American parent(s), who therefore have the right to vote. Americans living in Canada CAN deliver the difference in close elections.

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If you have questions or would like to help with Democrats Abroad in Calgary, please contact us.

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Elizabeth Rohlman, Chapter Chair
Democrats Abroad Calgary

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