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Democrats Abroad Canada is the official country committee of the DPCA for U.S. Democrats living in Canada. We are a 100% volunteer self-funded organization helping American citizens vote in U.S. elections through voter registration and keeping Americans informed on key issues. DemsAbroad Canada engages with members of Congress on issues affecting Americans living abroad, and strives to make information available to our members on topics such as Canada/US tax filing requirements, Estate Planning, and Operating a Corporation in Canada as an American Abroad. We also provide many opportunities to volunteer with our Get Out the Vote efforts!

Volunteers are always needed to help get out the vote, grow our base, and reach out to find new friends. To volunteer contact your local chapter or email our Volunteer Manager, Joann Sochor.

Our chapters across Canada offer a peer-group resource for U.S. citizens looking for assistance with voting, taxes, and passports plus social gatherings. Past chapter events include Women's Marches, Tax Seminars, Fourth of July parties, Thanksgiving dinners, Election and Debate Watch parties, Movie Nights, Trivia Quizzes, voter registration events and Pints & Politics pub meet-ups.

We also post voter and event information as well as current political news on multiple social media channels. Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter - and please share the information! Be sure to check our Events page and News page for additional updates on what we're up to.

For more information, email Randi Weitzner, Country Chair or call our information line toll-free at 1-877-336-2008. In Toronto/GTA, call 647-707-1275.

Democrats Abroad Canada is self-funded, utilizing all funds raised to support our national and chapter Get Out the Vote efforts to reach the est. 650,000 - 1,000,000 Americans living across Canada. We are very grateful to all of our donors for your generous support.

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Facebook | Twitter
For all media inquiries, please contact Communications or +1 877-336-2008

DA Canada Leadership:

Randi Weitzner
| Canada Country Chair / Chair, Quebec / DPCA Voting Representative
Richard Pearson
| Canada Executive Vice Chair | DPCA Voting Representative
Melanie Gardner
| Canada Co-Vice Chair / DPCA Voting Representative / Canada's Capital Region Member at Large
Erin Kotecki Vest
| Canada Co-Vice Chair | DPCA Voting Representative
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  • News

    Announcing the DemsAbroad Canada 2021 - '23 Leadership Team

    DemsAbroad Canada

    The Democrats Abroad Canada Annual General Meeting was held on May 2, 2021, which included members electing the 2021 - 2023 Canada Leadership team.

    Our tremendous gratitude to every candidate who put themselves forward to prepare the country committee for the 2022 midterms, and to every member who engaged in the election process including voting.

    Congratulations to the DA Canada 2021-'23 Leadership!


    DA Canada Nominations & Elections Committee

    Larry Rousseau, Chair
    Heidi Burch
    Tim Ellis
    Devbani Raha
    Peter Tesche, Teller of Elections
    John Yee, Technical Advisor

    Office Elected
    Country Chair +
    DPCA Voting Representative
    Randi Weitzner
    Country Executive Vice Chair +
    DPCA Voting Representative
    Richard Pearson
    Co-Vice Chairs +
    DPCA Voting Representative
    Melanie Gardner
    Erin Kotecki Vest
    Secretary +
    DPCA Voting Representative
    Susan Alksnis
    Treasurer +
    DPCA Voting Representative
    Tim Smith
    Counsel +
    DPCA Voting Representative
    Stephanie Hart
    Membership Secretary +
    DPCA Voting Representative
    Susan Brennan
    IT Manager +
    DPCA Voting Representative
    Jessica David
    Volunteer Manager +
    DPCA Voting Representative
    Joann Sochor
    Programs & Events Manager +
    DPCA Voting Representative
    Danielle Stampley
    DPCA Voting Representatives

    Julie Buchanan

    Samuel Drory

    Rachel Eugster

    Giles Hogya

    Brent Jamsa

    David Mivasair

    Robert Petrusa

    Darius Pruss

    David Schellenberg

    Kenneth Sherman

    Ed Ungar

    Lissette Wright

    Non-Voting Alternate
    DPCA Voting Representatives

    Heather Paterson
    Michael Breshgold


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    The Basics of Cross-Border Taxes for Americans Abroad

    On behalf of Democrats Abroad Canada, we thank those who attended our webinar “The Basics of Cross-Border Taxes for Americans Abroad”, presented March 28th by Max Reed and Polaris Tax Counsel. We hope you found the information beneficial.

    This posting is to share with you links for the webinar audio recording and presentation deck, plus other useful information.

    AUDIO only of DACA and Polaris Tax Webinar March 2021

    PDF Presentation of DACA and Polaris Tax Webinar March 2021

    If you’re in need of a certified U.S. tax return preparer, please visit this link from American Citizens Abroad. Contact details for Max Reed are in the presentation deck.

    Democrats Abroad has advocated on behalf of our members for decades on the issues of taxation, which we continue to do through these challenging times. To receive updates on the work of our Global Taxation Task Force visit this page to subscribe.

    As a 100% volunteer, self-funded organization, Democrats Abroad is grateful for your generous support.

    Thanks to those who participated  - we look forward to you joining us on future webinars.

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    Upcoming Events

    Thursday, October 28, 2021 at 07:00 PM Berlin Time · 14 rsvps
    Zoom in Berlin, Germany

    Biden-Harris Progress Report #7: Is It Now or Never?

    As we asserted back in July: Infrastructure negotiations likely will lead to make or break legislation for climate change mitigation, millions who are skeptical about our two-party government, and Democrat prospects for the midterms. Since then, our Democratic caucuses in the House and Senate have been unable to deliver. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and Build Back Better Act remain stuck in limbo, perhaps just two votes short of success. Join members of proDA to learn more about and discuss the status of the negotiations, the prospects for passage, and the consequences of further delay. We will advocate for action, urging all of us to intensify our efforts. Time is short and so, too, is the patience of those whose needs are not being met!

    Please RSVP for the Zoom link.

    CO-HOSTS: DA Austria, DA Canada, DA Guadalajara, proDA Austria, and proDA Germany

    In other time zones: Thursday, October 28th, 2021, 1:00-2:30 pm Eastern Time,  next morning at 1:00-2:30 am Beijing Time (Our next Progress Report will occur at a more Asia-Pacific-friendly time)

    Saturday, November 06, 2021 at 10:00 AM Time · 2 rsvps

    Monthly Members Meeting: November 6th

    November 6th at 10-11am Eastern Time, 3-4pm CET, and 10-11pm Beijing Time

    Co-hosts: DA Austria, DA Canada, DA Guadalajara, proDA Austria, and proDA Germany

    Join us on Saturday, November 6th, for our next monthly members meeting! proDA leaders will report on progress with our terms of reference review, communications, issue advocacy, collaboration, team building, and more. We also will seek member input for our November/December plans, including events. Hear how you can take action on student loan justice, reparations justice, voting rights, Building Back Better, combating climate change, and more.  

    Please RSVP for the Zoom link below.

    We have two action requests now:

    1. Which song would you like to open our November 6th meeting?
    2. And, by the way, what name do you propose for our monthly meetings?

    Please send us your recommendations now at [email protected]
    We will choose a song from your suggestions and use your proposals for a vote on our monthly meeting name on November 6th. The winning name will trigger a new design for our monthly members meetings, too!