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Democrats Abroad Canada is the official country committee of the DPCA for U.S. Democrats living in Canada. We are a 100% volunteer self-funded organization helping American citizens vote in U.S. elections through voter registration and keeping Americans informed on key issues. DemsAbroad Canada engages with members of Congress on issues affecting Americans living abroad, and strives to make information available to our members on topics such as Canada/US tax filing requirements, Estate Planning, and Operating a Corporation in Canada as an American Abroad. We also provide many opportunities to volunteer with our Get Out the Vote efforts!


MSNBC American voters in Canada 2016

In 2016, 23% of Americans living abroad did not vote due to feeling disengaged with the U.S. and their local communities. The world is engaged watching the tragic way COVID has been handled and with the scenes of racial injustice happening on the streets of the U.S. - it is not an acceptable response in 2020 to say you're disengaged!

  • If you file your 1040s, FBARs & FATCAs with the IRS but don't exercise your constitutional right to vote, you are agreeing to taxation without representation.
  • If you want to put an end to Citizenship Based Taxation, it's going to take your vote to retain the House and secure the Senate.
  • If you vote from NY stop presuming your vote isn't needed - how often has the NY State Assembly been controlled by the R's?
  • If you wish to see racial & social justice in our communities you must vote as far down-ballot as permissible.
  • If all registered Florida voters living in Canada in 2000 had voted, they could've changed the outcome of the election.

Hundreds of American citizen volunteers across Canada are working to educate all eligible U.S. voters on their right to vote and how to get their ballots to vote in every election. That includes Canadians who were born in the U.S. and those born in Canada to an American parent(s), who therefore have the right to vote. Americans living in Canada CAN deliver the difference in close elections.

Go to today to register for your ballot.

Volunteers are always needed to help get out the vote, grow our base, and reach out to find new friends. In 2020 it's critical we collectively do all possible to encourage the estimated 650k - 1m Americans in Canada to vote! To volunteer contact your local chapter or email our Volunteer Manager, Jamey Shick.

Our chapters across Canada offer a peer-group resource for U.S. citizens looking for assistance with voting, taxes, and passports plus social gatherings. Past chapter events include Women's Marches, Tax Seminars, Fourth of July parties, Thanksgiving dinners, Election and Debate Watch parties, Movie Nights, Trivia Quizzes, voter registration events and Pints & Politics pub meet-ups.

We also post voter and event information as well as current political news on multiple social media channels. Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter - and please share the information! Be sure to check our Events page and News page for additional updates on what we're up to.

For more information, email Steve Nardi, Country Chair or call our information line toll-free at 1-877-336-2008. In Toronto/GTA, call 416-916-2022.

Democrats Abroad Canada is self-funded, utilizing all funds raised to support our national and chapter Get Out the Vote efforts to reach the est. 650,000 - 1,000,000 Americans living across Canada. We are very grateful to all of our donors for your generous support.

Follow us:
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Facebook | Twitter
For all media inquiries, please contact Communications or +1 877-336-2008

DA Canada Leadership:

Steve Nardi
| Canada Country Chair / DPCA Voting Rep / Canada LGBT Caucus Lead
Julia Buchanan
| Canada Executive Vice Chair / DPCA Voting Rep
Lissette Wright
| Global Treasurer + Canada Treasurer | Democrats Abroad
Ed Ungar
| Canada Vice Chair / Toronto Chapter Member-at-Large / DPCA Voting Rep
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  • News

    Toronto Star Contributor Op-Ed: U.S. veterans are determined to oust Donald Trump

    Contributing column by DACA-Toronto member and Vietnam Vet J. David Markham appearing in the Toronto Star Sept 13, 2020

    David Markham serving in Vietnam

    I am no fan of Donald Trump, but as a veteran his outrageous comments about and attitude toward the military have made me angrier than normal. How dare he denigrate our service whether in popular or unpopular wars?

    I am not a loser or a sucker. I am a decorated Vietnam vet who is proud of his service, even in a bad war. I didn’t try to get out of military service with bone spurs. In 1968 I was drafted into a war I opposed, yet I served honourably in the 9th Signal Battalion, 9th Infantry Division in Dong Tam, Mekong Delta, becoming a Specialist Five and earning the Army Commendation Medal and Bronze Star.

    Throughout my year in Vietnam I put up with a lot more than wet hair, which was Trump’s excuse for not visiting a war cemetery in France in 2018, the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War. Other world leaders went to the cemetery.


    My unit was located right next to a hospital and we saw a daily parade of medevac Huey Slick helicopters bringing wounded and dead soldiers from the field. They were not losers or suckers either. Nor were the medical professionals who treated them, most of whom had likely volunteered for that duty. I am sure the president has no understanding of volunteering, especially at the risk of life or higher income.

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    LIVE Global Voter Registration Assistance

    Voter registration assistance

     Did you know every eligible American living abroad can vote in U.S. elections this   year? 

     Do you have questions about how to vote? Click the chat bubble at the bottom of   this screen and we'll help you find the answers.  

     Starting July 26th, join us any Sunday till November from midnight to midnight   Eastern time to talk to a volunteer LIVE on Zoom about questions you have about   voting from abroad.

    More information: The easiest way to request your ballot is at It takes just a few minutes to complete and send in your form to the US state where you last lived. The website will guide you step by step. In most cases it’s pretty simple. But if you’re new to overseas voting, or if you haven’t done it in a while, you may have additional questions. That’s why we’ll be here every Sunday until election day to help.

    If you can’t make it any Sunday, you can always email us at or send in your question through our online help bubble, and a volunteer will get back to you.


    August 16th, 23rd, 30th

    September 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th

    October 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th

    November 1st

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    Upcoming Events

    Tuesday, September 22, 2020 at 12:01 AM through September 24, 2020 at 11:59pm Eastern Time (US & Canada) · 14 rsvps
    Online in Chrome in Edmonton, AB, Canada

    Dialing for Democracy Phone-a-thon

    Dialing for Democracy


    By Saturday, September 19, all Democrats Abroad members worldwide who have already requested their ballots by email will have them, and can start voting! Emailed and requested paper ballots are already arriving, but the week of September 20 is our peak opportunity to get the most ballots heading back to the USA as soon as possible.

    WHAT IS IT? 

    For 72 hours, Canada’s most committed callers will be calling around the clock (at the times they each choose, and that are most convenient for them) and around the world. Join or support DA phonebankers worldwide as we phone our members to urge them to vote NOW and offer them voter assistance on how to return those ballots to be sure that each one counts! Canada is combining forces with Germany, Austria, Sweden, Israel, Costa Rica, Ireland and callers throughout Democrats Abroad to maximize calls during this critical week. 


    We already phonebank, so that part’s easy. NO FUNDRAISING IS REQUIRED by our members who make these calls. They can feel very good about the hours they call and the voters they help; their effort is the most valuable contribution they can make! 

    Are you a trained call agent? RSVP that YOU will be calling during this period, and be a phonebanking hero!

    However, lots of people who cannot phonebank tell us how supportive they are of this work, and now is a good time to help with a donation if calling isn’t for you. You can donate today to support our phonebanking work

    Are you one of our 474 trained CallHub agents? When you RSVP, you also get a template for telling friends and family that you will be doing this important work, and that although you will be volunteering your time, their $10 gift to Democrats Abroad will pay for you to speak with 40 voters, or their $25 will allow you to make 100 calls in their honor, and here’s the donation link!

    Or, do you like a challenge? If you’ve sponsored their marathons and walk-athons and bike-athons, it’s payback time! Send them our sponsorship form with your calling goal for the 72 hours, and encourage them to pledge their support of you-- and of democracy, too! 

    CLICK HERE TO RSVP for your calls to count in Canada’s total for the Call-A-thon, and to receive your (optional) sponsors/donations kit. And join us in Dialing for Democracy! 

    WHERE  On your computer or laptop through the Chrome browser on the CallHub platform

    Thursday, September 24, 2020 at 08:30 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada) · 59 rsvps
    Online via the Zoom platform in Vancouver, BC, Canada

    A conversation with Nicco Mele and Amb. Bruce Heyman: "Politics, Journalism, and the threats to both"

    Nicco Mele

    Nicco Mele

    Ambassador Bruce HeymanAmb. Bruce Heyman

    Join Democrats Abroad Canada as we host a conversation with Nicco Mele and former U.S. Ambassador to Canada Bruce Heyman, on “Politics, Journalism, and the threat to both” Thurs., Sept. 24th at 8:30pm EDT.

    Nicco Mele is managing director at the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation and on the faculty at the Harvard Kennedy School. He is the faculty co-chair of the Harvard Council on the Responsible Use of Artificial Intelligence.

    From 2016 to 2019, Nicco was the Director of the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School. He continues to teach classes on technology’s impact on media, politics, and public policy.

    Nicco’s prior experience includes founding technology companies, working on political campaigns, and a stint as a media executive at the Los Angeles Times. He advises several startups, including Blueprint Robotics (on-demand manufacturing), Optimus Ride (autonomous vehicles), Plympton (publishing), and Cignify (data analytics). Nicco serves on the board of the National Conference on Citizenship as well as the board chair of Democracy.Works and MassPoetry.

    He has published widely, including the international bestseller The End of Big: How The Digital Revolution Makes David The New Goliath published in 2013 by St. Martin’s Press. Longer bio available here.

    We’re excited to have Nicco join us for this conversation!

    You must RSVP to receive access details.