September 22, 2023

Save Our Student Aid

The US Federal Student Aid for nearly every American studying outside of the United States is at risk.

If an American chooses to broaden their horizons and get a global education outside of the United States, they are no longer eligible for federal student aid if their program of study offers any courses with any online components, even if they do not take those courses. If congress does not take immediate action, thousands of Americans will lose access to their federal aid. 

S. 1168: Providing Distance Education for Foreign Institutions Act is a bipartisan bill that, as of Friday 9/22/2023, is currently in the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee and, if passed, would rectify this issue. Congress must promptly pass S.1168 or attach its language to a larger must-pass legislative vehicle such as a continuing resolution or omnibus appropriations bill.

Below is a link to a comprehensive Advocacy Guide that includes detailed templates and instructions for students, parents, and general concerned Americans to reach out to each of the “four corners” of Congress. Please use this guide to reach out to your legislators and let Jacob Wesoky ([email protected]) know who you’ve reached out to and whether you received a response.