These are the elected and appointed representatives of Democrats Abroad Canada.

The DA Canada leaders are:

Steve Nardi
| Country Chair
Susan Brennan
| Chapter Chair / DPCA Voting Rep, DACA Membership Secretary
Julia Buchanan
| Canada IT Manager / Toronto Chapter Chair / DPCA Voting Rep
| Electing Democrats and stopping Trump. 
Heidi Burch
| DA Canada Executive Vice Chair/Global GOTV Co-Chair/DA Canada Victoria Chapter Member-at-Large
Christine Odunlami
| Vice Chair, Youth Caucus Chair Canada, Youth Caucus Americas Regional Leader
Ed Ungar
| Vice Chair
Danielle Stampley
| Canada Legal Counsel / Toronto Co Vice-Chair / DPCA Voting Rep
Lissette Wright
| International Treasurer, Democrats Abroad | Treasurer, Democrats Abroad Canada | Vice-Chair, DA Canada - National Capital Region Chapter
George Spiegelman
| Member-at-Large
Bodil Geyer
| GOTV Coordinator
Marnelle Dragila
| Secretary
Jamey Shick
| Director of Volunteers

Committee leaders are either elected or appointed. Elections are held in the first quarter of odd numbered years as prescribed in the Country Committee bylaws.