The DA Canada leaders are:

These are the elected and appointed representatives of Democrats Abroad Canada.

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Erin Vest

Canada Chair | DPCA Voting Representative
Julia Buchanan

Canada Vice Chair | DPCA Voting Representative
Starla Goggins

Canada Black Caucus Chair
Susan Alksnis

Canada Membership Secretary | DPCA Voting Member | Progressive Caucus
Joann Sochor

Vice-chair Toronto Chapter
Susan Brennan

Canada Treasurer | DPCA Voting Rep | Past Chair, Vancouver Chapter
Jessica David

Canada IT Manager | DPCA Voting Representative
Kenneth sherman

DNC Member Americas Region | DPCA Voting Rep
Randi Weitzner

Americas Deputy: GOTV / Quebec Chapter Chair
Jennifer Phillips

Vancouver Chapter Chair
David Schellenberg

Canada's Capital Region Chapter Co-Chair | Blue Vote Cafe co-host | Votes in Iowa
Rachel Eugster

Canada's Capital Region Chapter Co-Chair | DPCA Voting Rep | Blue Vote Cafe co-host
Heather Paterson

Niagara Region Chapter Chair, Canada Co-Vice Chair
David Mivasair

DPCA Voting Rep
Giles Hogya

Chair, Victoria & Islands (DAVI) Chapter | DPCA Voting Rep
Shannon Bassett

Environment + Climate Crisis Council Canada Lead | Toronto Chapter Member-at-Large
Ed Ungar

DPCA Voting Representative
Tracy Hudson

Canada Social Media Manager
Lissette Wright

Proud GDC Member | Former Intl Treasurer | Former DPCA Voting Rep, Canada
Brent Jamsa

Youth Caucus Steering Committee Member; DPCA Voting Rep. – Canada
Jacob Wesoky

Executive Vice Chair - DA Canada | DPCA Voting Representative
Committee leaders are either elected or appointed. Elections are held in odd numbered years in accordance with the DPCA Charter.