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I believe our most important work is getting out the vote for Democratic candidates and reforming electoral politics to safeguard voting right and get big money out of politics (including reforms in the Democratic Party).

I believe strengthening democracy in America is critical to achieving full economic, environmental, and social justice.  This includes universal healthcare (Medicare4All), lower/free college tuition, the Green New Deal, and increased banking regulation. 

As a professional fundraiser, I have experience in communications, media relations, direct marketing, volunteer management, gift solicitation, strategic planning, organizational development, and events. I am comfortable on TV and radio.

With training in diversity, inclusion, conflict resolution, management, anti-racism and anti-oppression, I was a strategist, spokesperson and canvasser in a highly contentious local community advocacy effort for an underserved and socio-economically diverse neighborhood.

I vote in Connecticut, along with 2 (soon to be 3) of my young adult daughters.  A resident of Oakville, Ontario, I grew up in rural Massachusetts.  My family lives simply and enjoys camping, visiting family, playing music, debating current issues, reading, watching movies, and attending protests.  I also do improv and and serve on the board of my local neighborhood residents association.

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    May Calls to Action and Events


    Protect the overseas vote in New Jersey state elections - it was lost in 2017, and is more important now than ever with issues like climate change and net neutrality that affect us all. Join DA members globally and contact your NJ representatives now.

    Urge your Senators to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act

    Support the THRIVE Act, an economic renewal plan as big and interconnected as the crises we face. In this bold investment package, impacted communities play a leading role in building a more just economy. Sponsored by Sens. Ed Markey and Jeff Merkley, and Reps. Debbie Dingell, Ilhan Omar, Jamaal Bowman, Pramila Jayapal, Earl Blumenauer, Ro Khanna, Yvette Clarke, and Nanette Barragán, this plan will Transform, Heal, Renew, and Invest in a Vibrant Economy. Contact your Senators and House Representative and urge them to support the THRIVE Act.

    Reduce military spending. Tell your House Representative and Senators that the military budget is out of control and we need to redirect those funds to help people and the planet. In 2020, an unprecedented 116 Representatives voted for a reduced military budget. Urge your Rep to join the Defense Spending Reduction Caucus, headed by Reps Barbara Lee and Mark Pocan.

    Strengthen union organizing with the PROAct. Backed by President Biden, this legislation will make it easier for ordinary hard working Americans to join unions and earn the pay, benefits and job security they deserve. Tell your Senators to support the Protecting the Right to Organize Act. These Democrat Senators still don’t support the PROAct: Mark Warner (D-VA), Mark Kelly (D-AZ), and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), along with Republican Senators. Call them! And if your Senator supports the Act, urge them to end the filibuster so this and other necessary legislation can move forward.


    In case you missed it - proDA’s Biden/Harris Progress Report #4 reviewed the American Rescue Plan, American Jobs Plan, American Families Plan, and Made in America Tax Plan. View the Progress Report’s slide deck with links to more information and suggested actions or watch the recording.

    DATE - Biden/Harris Progress Report #5 is June 24, focused on the American Jobs Plan. RSVP here.

    May 29 - proDA Germany’s Global AGM Update on May 29th recaps the results of DA’s recent Global Annual General Meeting and next steps, from a progressive perspective.

    May 30 - DA Austria’s Solidarity Sundays addresses Biden’s Infrastructure Plan

    May 31 - proDA Global Book Club discusses The Tea Party and the Remaking of Republican Conservatism. Book available for those with access issues. RSVP here.

    June 24 - proDA Biden/Harris Progress Report #5 explores the American Jobs Plan as an infrastructure plan, economic recovery plan, and the roadmap for a renewable revolution, as well as actions we can take to advance progressive change. RSVP here.

    June 28 - proDA Global Book Club discusses How Fascism Works. Book available for those with access issues. RSVP here. 

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  • DA DNC Member Elections Information

    Dems Abroad DNC Members and How They’re Elected

    Here is basic information about the Democrats Abroad members of the Democratic National Committee and how they are elected.

    How many DNC members do we have?  Dems Abroad has eight members of the DNC out of the total of 447 DNC members.  Six of our eight are elected specifically to be our DNC members.  The other two are the Dems Abroad global chair and vice chair, who are automatically DNC members. 

    How our DNC members are elected.  Of Dems Abroad’s six elected DNC members, three are elected by the three Dems Abroad regions.  Each region elects one DNC member.  The regions are Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA), Asia/Pacific (AP) and the Americas.  Each region holds its own convention to elect its DNC member.  This year, the regional elections will be held online on May 16 and 17.  (Each region also elects delegates to the Democratic National Convention, which is different from being a DNC member.)

    Who elects our three regional DNC members?  At the regional conventions, the electors who vote for that region’s DNC member are from recognized country committees in that region.  They are (1) anyone elected to a country committee office or elected by Dems Abroad members to be a voting representative to the Democratic Party Committee Abroad (DPCA), which is the governing body of Dems Abroad comparable to a state party’s central committee, (2) elected chapter chairs and (3) the regional vice chair for that region.  Dems Abroad members who live in countries without a recognized country committee do not have representation at the regional conventions.

    Who elects our three at-large global DNC members?  The other three of the six elected members are elected at-large at a global convention, which will be held this year online June 6 and 7.  The electors at the global convention are the nine regionally elected delegates to the Democratic National Convention, the eight incumbent Dems Abroad DNC members, the three newly elected DNC members from the three regions, all elected members of the DPCA and any “distinguished party leaders designated by the Secretary of the DNC”.  So, the electors for the global convention include most of the electors at the regional conventions but not all of them.  For example, elected chapter chairs who are not also elected as DPCA voting representatives are electors in the regional conventions but not in the global convention.  Dems Abroad members in countries that don’t have a recognized country committee are not represented at the global convention, just as they are not represented at the regional conventions.

    Diversity among DNC members.  The eight DNC members representing Dems Abroad must be evenly distributed regarding their gender identification.  The global chair and vice chair always need to be of different genders.  The six elected DNC members need to total three women and three men. Nonbinary candidates are also welcome and there are provisions for gender balance considering nonbinary members as well. In addition, Democrats Abroad aims for inclusion in our delegation of members of specific groups historically under-represented in Democratic Party affairs such as African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders as well as members of the LGBTQ+ community, people with disabilities and youth.  Because the three regional DNC members are elected first and the three global at-large members are elected later, the at-large members can be elected to balance the gender representation and to meet the guidelines for the representation of historically under-represented groups.  So, for example, if by chance all three regions happen to elect men as their DNC members, all three at-large DNC members would have to be women and only women candidates could run.

    DNC members’ terms.  All Dems Abroad DNC members serve for a four year term.  The members we elect this year will begin their term at the close of the Democratic National Convention in August. They will serve as automatic delegates to the 2024 Democratic National Convention.

    All these details about the Dems Abroad election of DNC members are stipulated by the official 2020 Delegate Selection Plan which is available here, section III, parts C and D.

    Dems Abroad DNC members have only ½ vote each.  Each Dems Abroad DNC member has one-half vote in the DNC, so we have a total of four votes even though we have eight members.  Other DNC members have a full vote.  The half-vote arrangement was adopted to enable DA to have enough members to serve on various DNC committees and in various roles within the DNC while giving DA the same number of full votes as 24 smaller-population states and all the territories.

    Where do all the other DNC members come from? To put these numbers in perspective, of the total of 447 DNC members, 214 are elected at the state level, which includes the 50 states plus six territories and Dems Abroad.  An additional 114 DNC members are the chairs and vice chairs of all 50 state parties plus six territories and Dems Abroad.  So, 328 members of the total 447 represent states, territories and Dems Abroad.  Of the remaining 119, 75 are called “at-large” members.  They are appointed by the Chair of the DNC and voted on as a block by the rest of the DNC, typically or always without debate.  The other members are appointed by fifteen specific groups within the Democratic Party such as the Democratic Governors Association, Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, College Democrats of America, National Conference of Democratic Mayors and others.



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    Questions for DNC Candidates

    Questions for DA DNC Candidates from the DA Progressive Caucus

    The Progressive Caucus is conducting a survey of candidates for DNC membership. We invited all candidates to complete our survey by May 8th 2020. Responses will be made available to all electors simultaneously on May 10th.

    Survey Questions:

    1. DA DNC Member Qualifications

      What qualities and skills qualify you to be an effective DA DNC member? Why should members of the Progressive Caucus of Democrats Abroad support your candidacy?

    2. Communication with Democrats Abroad Membership

      What role do you think DA DNC members must play as intermediaries between the DNC and DA membership? Are you satisfied with the current status? If not, what specific improvements would you recommend?

    3. Reforms in the Democratic Party and DNC

      In 2018, the DNC adopted several Unity Reform Commission proposals for this year’s convention to make the Party more democratic, transparent, and accountable. Which of these changes should become permanent? What, if any, additional reforms are necessary?

    4. Policy Goals

    (a)  DA overwhelmingly passed resolutions in support of Medicare for All and the Green New Deal at its 2019 Annual General Meeting. What would you do as our DNC member to promote them?

    (b)  What other specific policies do you promote for inclusion in the Democratic Party platform?

    (c)  What can DA DNC members do to make the platform a more effective instrument?

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    Send your Healthcare Photo to Members of Congress

    Add your photo to the DA healthcare stories booklet that will be shared with Members of Congress after the new year.

    Act quickly to be added to the booklet before printing.

    Photos could be of yourself, family or health-related, like a health receipt, medical equipment or prescription.  You can even use the "I Heart Universal Healthcare" sign in a selfie picture at this link

    Even better, write a short description of why you love healthcare where you live and take a photo of you with your story, or maybe just your story if you like.  

    Your story of affordable, quality, accessible healthcare overseas will help Members of Congress understand what is possible in other countries – and what is possible for all Americans.

    Send your photo by email to Kent.


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    See below how you can participate in our campaign to support the improved Medicare4All bill in the House of Representatives.

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I am founding global co-chair of the new Progressive Caucus, have attended several DNC meetings on behalf of the Caucus ("ProDA"), and serve on the boards of both Toronto and Canada.