Canada Secretary / Progressive Caucus Global Co-Chair / DPCA Voting Member

I believe our most important work is getting out the vote for Democratic candidates and reforming electoral politics to safeguard voting right and get big money out of politics (including reforms in the Democratic Party).

I believe strengthening democracy in America is critical to achieving full economic, environmental, and social justice.  This includes universal healthcare (Medicare4All), lower/free college tuition, the Green New Deal, and increased banking regulation. 

As a professional fundraiser, I have experience in communications, media relations, direct marketing, volunteer management, gift solicitation, strategic planning, organizational development, and events. I am comfortable on TV and radio.

With training in diversity, inclusion, conflict resolution, management, anti-racism and anti-oppression, I was a strategist, spokesperson and canvasser in a highly contentious local community advocacy effort for an underserved and socio-economically diverse neighborhood.

I vote in Connecticut, along with 2 (soon to be 3) of my young adult daughters.  A resident of Oakville, Ontario, I grew up in rural Massachusetts.  My family lives simply and enjoys camping, visiting family, playing music, debating current issues, reading, watching movies, and attending protests.  I also do improv and and serve on the board of my local neighborhood residents association.

I am founding global co-chair of the new Progressive Caucus, have attended several DNC meetings on behalf of the Caucus ("ProDA"), and serve on the boards of both Toronto and Canada.