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    Joining ProDA (Progressive Caucus of Democrats Abroad) adds your voice to the growing call for progressive change. You are welcome, whoever you supported in the 2016 election. You choose your level of involvement within our network of fellow citizens actively working toward an America that delivers on its promise of government truly of the people, by the people, and for the people.

    ProDA is for members of Democrats Abroad (DA) who: embrace policies that will proactively advance the United States toward a society rooted in economic fairness and social, racial, and environmental justice, particularly for the most vulnerable people in our society; seek increased transparency, fairness and accountability in political processes; and support international cooperation, peace, and mutual respect.

    ProDA works to get out the vote among progressive Democratic voters abroad, and engage Caucus members in advocacy for progressive policy positions.

    Our actions are grounded in the belief that when candidates embrace policies that more accurately serve the interests of the majority of Americans, potential voters at home and abroad will be more receptive to Democratic “Get Out The Vote” efforts.

    ProDA activities: encourages voting abroad by progressive voters; provides resources for DA members to support progressive Democrat candidates; provides education on progressive issues; co-develops unique campaigns for activism with like-minded organizations; promotes and/or organizes community service to connect our values and actions; advocates for increased fairness, accountability and transparency in the Democratic Party; seeks cooperative and productive relationships with aligned groups such as the Congressional Progressive Caucus, state-level progressive caucuses, and other organizations composed of progressive Democrats and potential Democratic voters.

    Members of ProDA will be encouraged to share their needs and expectations for DA and the Democratic Party, to be proactive in DA activities, and to work toward creating positive change in America and the lives of Americans abroad by making informed voting decisions in their home states.

    Join us!

    DA Progressive Caucus Leadership:

    Kent Getsinger
    | Democrats Abroad Australia Chair
    Gordon Gaul
    | Vice Chair, Democrats Abroad Japan
    Sue Alksnis
    | Progressive Caucus Global Co-Chair /DPCA Voting Member/Canada Member-at-Large / Toronto Member-at-Large Peel Region
    Siera Burtrum
    | DPCA Voting Representative, UK; Council Member, UK
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    Help ban corporate PAC money from the DNC - take action Feb 12-13 2019

    Help strengthen the voices of ordinary Americans in the Democratic Party.  Sign the petition by DNC member Christine Pelosi (and co-signers) to ban corporate PAC money from the DNC.

    As of writing, the petition is at 4,903 signatures.  Can proDA members put it over 5k?

    Christine Pelosi will present the petition to the Resolutions Committee of the DNC on Thursday, February 14 at 1pm Washington DC time. proDA CoChair Sue Alksnis and EMEA Regional Rep Siera Burtrum will be observing the meeting. Please sign the petition by end of day Wednesday, February 13.

    The petition link lays out a strong argument for banning corporate PAC money, which can also be read in this medium article: Democrats Can Win 2020 With a Corporate PAC-Free DNC or below:

    To be delivered to Tom Perez, DNC Chairperson

    Democrats won big in 2018 with a clarion call to work #forthepeople not the special interests — to restore voting rights, clean up corruption, and center people in the debate over jobs, health care, and equality of opportunity.

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    Seeking Members to Represent ProDA to Local Groups

    ProDA announces our new ProDA Liaison Position Description. The description was emailed to all our global members with a request for comments. Several members took a look, and we didn’t get any negative comments, so the position description is now official!

    Please contact ProDA with interest or questions by using the ProDA action survey or emailing

    Progressive Caucus Local Liaison Position Description:

    The ProDA Local Liaison will act as the connection between their local group and ProDA’s global organization.

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