We progressives began the year 2022, sobered by the realities of slim House and Senate majorities. Some urged us to move to the center. Many of us agreed, urging all to move to the center of popular democracy and its majority positions on issues ranging from prohibiting dark money in politics to expanding Medicare, providing meaningful student debt relief, initiating a serious discussion on reparative justice, taking transformational steps to fight climate change, protecting employees’ rights to organize, ensuring the freedom to vote, and much more. Among other things, impressive midterm progressive successes rewarded our work. What’s next?

2023 began with more progressives in Congress than ever before. Democrats won midterm trifectas (governor and legislative chambers) in Minnesota, Michigan, Maryland, and Massachusetts, increasing the number to 17 states. While the return to divided federal government is challenging, prospects for progress via executive order, federal agency action, as well as state legislation and local initiatives are strong. The DA Annual General Meeting offers opportunities via resolution, bylaws, and leadership candidacy work, too. Please complete this anonymous proDA Priorities Survey today to help set our course of action. It should only take a few minutes -- and your feedback will be key in shaping our work this year and beyond!


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