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    We progressives began 2022, sobered by the realities of slim House and Senate majorities. Some urged us to move to the center. Many of us agreed, urging all to move to the center of popular democracy and its majority positions on issues ranging from prohibiting dark money in politics to expanding Medicare, providing meaningful student debt relief, initiating a serious discussion on reparative justice, taking transformational steps to fight climate change, protecting employees’ rights to organize, ensuring the freedom to vote, and much more. Among other things, impressive midterm progressive successes rewarded our work. What’s next?

    2023 begins with more progressives in Congress than ever before. Democrats won midterm trifectas (governor and legislative chambers) in Minnesota, Michigan, Maryland, and Massachusetts, increasing the number to 17 states. While the return to divided federal government is challenging, prospects for progress via executive order, federal agency action, as well as state legislation and local initiatives are strong. The DA Annual General Meeting offers opportunities via resolution, bylaws, and leadership candidacy work, too. Please complete this anonymous proDA Priorities Survey today to help set our course of action. It should only take a few minutes -- and your feedback will be key in shaping our work this year and beyond!

    In Progress,

    Bruce Murray, Chair

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    DA Global Progressive Caucus Leadership:

    Bruce Murray
    | Global Progressive Caucus Chair
    Betsy Ettorre
    | Global Seniors Caucus Chair; Member-at-Large - Finland Ex Comm; member of LGBTQ+ Caucus Steering Committee; Co-leader of ProDA Monthly Mondays for Our Progressive Minds; Member of Taxation Task Force and Medicare Portability Task Force
    Kaitlyn Kennedy
    | Communications Coordinator, Germany; Saxony Chapter Chair; Steering Committee Member, Global Progressive Caucus
    Sue Alksnis
    | Canada Secretary | DPCA Voting Member | Progressive Caucus
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    Global Progressive Caucus calls on all eight DNC members elected by DA members to join the Party Modernization Group

    Among our core goals is increased inclusion, fairness, accountability, and transparency in our domestic political processes. That holds true for the work of our Democratic Party, too. We strive to achieve that goal with information, discussions, events, and calls to action.

    At our May 30th 2022 Progressive Snapshot of the Primaries, Larry Cohen, Our Revolution Board Chair, Vice Chair of the DNC Unity Reform Commission, and currently co-initiator of the DNC Members for Party Modernization, encouraged us to focus on the need to revise DNC and State Party rules to enhance their inclusion, fairness, accountability, and transparency. Larry cited the case of India Walton’s thwarted 2021 mayoral candidacy in Buffalo, NY as one of many powerful examples for how rules can stand in the way of progress. His goal is to change them to promote progress!

    At our July 2nd Progress for Progressives Monthly Members Meeting, Larry returned to promote the DNC Members for Party Modernization.

    The key modernization components strive to

    • render DNC budget operations more transparent;
    • distribute more financial resources to the State Committees;
    • ensure greater diversity and more regional DNC member representation on DNC committees;
    • protect the Unity and Reform Commission reforms around Superdelegates;
    • operationalize the already-ratified Ombudsman Committee.

    After listening to Larry’s comments and considering the initiative components, the Global Progressive Caucus endorsed the DNC Members for Party Modernization unanimously. We now urge other DA caucuses, task forces, councils, country committees, and leaders to support the effort, and together encourage DA’s 8 elected DNC members to become members of the Party Modernization Group.

    If you would like to assist with this effort, please contact us: [email protected]

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    Biden-Harris Progress Report #8: Taking Care of Unfinished Business!

    Recording and Slide Deck from January 22nd, 2022

    View the slide deck (with lots of of resource links)

    This event took place on January 22nd, 2022.

    Join the next Progressive Caucus monthly members meeting Progress for Progressives on Feb 5th, 2022. 

    In July of 2020, presidential nominee, Joe Biden, and Senator Bernie Sanders announced their Unity Task Force recommendations for a Democratic presidency. Their bold plans to address the pressing needs of working-class families, combat climate change, and much more helped us win the presidency and Senate majority, as well as hold the House majority. We entered 2021 with high expectations! 

    As we begin 2022, many of our expectations remain unfulfilled. The scope of the Build Back Better Act has narrowed dramatically, remaining two votes short of passage. Existing filibuster rules stand in the way of passing the Freedom to Vote Act and John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. Delivering victories for all three of these and more is crucial to millions of us and for Democratic electoral success in the midterms. 

    Join members of proDA to learn about and discuss the negotiations for all three bills, the prospects for their passage, and the consequences of further delay. We will advocate for action, urging all of us to intensify our efforts. Time is very short and so, too, is the patience of those whose needs are not being met!

    CO-SPONSORS: DA Austria, DA Canada, DA Guadalajara, proDA Austria, proDA Germany, and proDAUK

    Double your impact! A generous donor in Asia Pacific will match donations to DA through proDA’s donate page, up to a total of $2500. Donate to help inform and mobilize members around the world to support our unfinished business. The Fight for (at least) $15. Meaningful Medicare expansion. Tuition-free community college. Student debt relief. Reparative justice. Truly ambitious climate change mitigation. Federal Voting Rights legislation. And more.  Will you donate today to help America build back even better? Please donate here. Thank you!

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    Upcoming Events

    Saturday, February 04, 2023 at 09:00 AM Eastern Time (US & Canada) · 19 rsvps

    proDA Feb 2023 Monthly Members

    Progressive Priorities for 2023 and Beyond

        • What are our highest overall goals?
        • What policies must we champion?
        • What must be our primary activities?
        • What can we do to prepare for the DA Annual General Meeting?

    Our members are providing their input on these questions with our membership survey. If you have not yet done so, please complete it now. Then join us to analyze the results and craft our plan for 2023 and beyond!

    Our Global Chair, Candice Kerestan, and Executive Director, Jarryd Rauch, have agreed to join us briefly to discuss how we can optimize our effectiveness in collaboration with them.

    We also invite all interested in learning more about the roles of DPCA Voting Representative and DA leaders to attend a 30-minute information session following the meeting.

    Nominate your favorite motivational songs to open and close our meeting by email to [email protected]

    Make it monthly! Consider a monthly donation to support the impactful work of DA volunteers around the world, making the margin of victory in close races. Please donate whatever you can today. Thank you!

    Please RSVP below for the Zoom link.

    Location Local Event Time
    Washington DC 9-10am
    Vienna 3-4pm
    Beijing 9-10pm


    Tuesday, February 21, 2023 at 01:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada) · 3 rsvps

    The Racial Wealth Gap: Understanding the Economic Basis for Repair

    Reparations4Slavery + DA Reparations Task Force

    Lotte Lieb Dula and Briayna Cuffie holding mugs that say Reparations Right Now

    Please join us for a conversation with Lotte Lieb Dula and Briayna Cuffie, creators of, as we explore different aspects of the movement for reparations for slavery. We’ll look at the genesis of white wealth in parallel with the historical harms that resulted from the enslavement of African Americans, creating the current 10-to-1 racial wealth gap, using Lotte’s and Briayna’s ancestral narratives as the backdrop for our conversation. We’ll also look at retooling harmful family narratives that uphold the culture of white supremacy. Includes brief Q and A session. 

    Presenter bios

    Lotte Lieb Dula: After discovering that she was a descendant of slaveholders Lotte Lieb Dula, retired financial strategist,  founded, a portal for white families wishing to walk the path of racial healing through  making reparations. Lotte co-convenes Coming To the Table’s Denver Chapter and is a founding donor of Reparations  Circle Denver

    Briayna Cuffie is a strategist, advocate, and future author based in Annapolis, Maryland. She leverages her political  expertise, teachings from her elders, and history, to help others understand the complexity of Blackness in the United  States. Briayna is involved with Coming To the Table’s Annapolis chapter and is the racial equity advisor for