Progressive Caucus Intro


Greetings from Vienna!

We began 2021 with great expectations and an abundance of energy to push for transformational change. One year later, we stand sobered by the realities of slim House and Senate majorities. What’s next?

As we gear up for the midterms, some urge us to move to the center. Well, we agree, urging all to move to the center of popular democracy and its majority positions on issues ranging from prohibiting dark money in politics to expanding Medicare, providing meaningful student debt relief, initiating a serious discussion on reparative justice, taking transformational steps to fight climate change, protecting employees’ rights to organize, ensuring the freedom to vote, and much more. Whether engaging in our Pivotal Primaries Project, Monthly Mondays for Progressive Minds events, or our Progress for Progressives Monthly Members Meetings, we Progressive Democrats Abroad continue to advocate for big and bold, once-in-a-generation legislation on the scale of the crises we confront today. Like so many of us, I assert that our work will lay the best possible foundation for electoral success in the 2022 midterms and beyond!

In Progress,

Bruce Murray, Chair

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