Progressive Caucus Intro

ProDA_logo_2020.pngGreetings from Vienna!

As incoming Chair of our Global Progressive Caucus, I wish to thank all who have contributed to its impressive development since we started in 2018. We have come a long way, with resolution and charter amendment work, helping to shape our 2020 platform, hosting strong events, encouraging the exchange of information and principled discussion on issues central to our progressive mission, and getting out the vote for the candidates who now have the opportunity to pass big and bold, once-in-a-generation legislation on the scale of the crises we confront today. I look forward to working with all progressives at home and abroad to ensure we improve our physical and human infrastructure, combat climate change, achieve environmental justice, contribute to heightened inclusivity and transparency in our political work, and tackle the many other challenges we face. Like so many of us, I assert that our work on these goals will lay the best possible foundation for electoral success this year, in the 2022 midterms, and beyond!

In Progress,

Bruce Murray
DA Global Progressive Caucus Chair
[email protected]

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