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Why do we need a Progressive Caucus?

Why do we need a Progressive Caucus?

[This is a provisional statement as of February 21, 2019, pending input from our full membership.]

Who We Are

The Progressive Caucus of Democrats Abroad works proactively to transform the United States into a society rooted in economic fairness, as well as social, racial, and environmental justice, particularly for the most vulnerable among us. We seek increased inclusion, fairness, accountability, and transparency in our domestic political processes. We support international cooperation, mutual respect, and peaceful methods of conflict resolution.

We Believe

  • in Medicare for All, debt-free college, and a livable minimum wage;
  • in a Green New Deal to create new jobs while fighting climate change;
  • in ending mass incarceration and police brutality;
  • in common-sense gun safety legislation;
  • in humane immigration practices and honoring the right to asylum;
  • in fundamental campaign finance reform to ensure all politicians are beholden to their constituents, not lobbyists, corporations, and the wealthiest 1%;
  • in increased inclusion, fairness, accountability and transparency in the Democratic Party;
  • In international cooperation, mutual respect, and peaceful methods of conflict resolution;
  • in continued introspection and transformation as progressive ideals evolve. 

Our Principles and Methods

Our country and our global community face staggering economic inequality, class warfare, racial injustice, patriarchy, ecological devastation, and other intersectional issues that require urgent advocacy and action. We, the Progressive Caucus, focus our attention on meeting these challenges with our objectives and methods. 

Politics of inclusion:  The Progressive Caucus promotes the politics of inclusion. We stand on the bedrock of compassion and empathy, unequivocally committed to the belief that whatever affects any one of us, affects all of us. This commitment moves us to honor our human commonality in the pursuit of justice to end suffering and oppression.

Wherever we confront it, we must supplant the power dynamics of exploitation, injustice, manipulation, and oppression with systems of shared power distribution, enabling and empowering the disenfranchised.  We strive for community healing and community-driven decision making. To achieve these goals, we nurture cooperation, demand mutual and shared accountability, and condemn the cycle of abuse perpetuated by toxic power structures.

Progressive realism:  We are not content with relativistic claims, nor complacent with the  “progressive” label. Instead, we strive unwaveringly to support one another, living the goals we espouse.  Only in this way can we hold ourselves accountable to the goals we have set.

Our work takes place at the intersection of ambitious ideals and the circumstances of reality. We reject the notion that progressive change is unrealistic.  It is entirely plausible when we demand attention to the complete range of possibilities that transcend the status quo. At times, compromise is necessary, however we will not be compromised in the process.

Dedication to Democrats Abroad:  We are dedicated to the work of Democrats Abroad and, where feasible, eager to lead it. Like our other caucuses, we unite behind critical issues which define--and marginalize--specific identity groups. These issues often are not captured by traditional identity politics.

We seek to ally our progressive goals with those of all democrats, reaching out together to the wider community in support of the issues we promote. In this way, we strive to recruit for Democrats Abroad among independents and others who share our perspective. 

Our uniting principle:  With our objectives and the methods we use as a community, we respond to the urgent need for equality and justice. It is our uniting principle and challenge to strive unerringly for progressive change and greater unity globally, respecting the value of our differences in our shared struggle.



International Women’s Day: Celebrating the Revolutionary Power of Women – March 8, 2019

On this International Women’s Day, let’s commemorate radical women whose efforts have transformed the world!

Together with the Global Women’s Caucus, proDA invites you to celebrate with us and host or attend an IWD party. Please click here to access event planning suggestions and supporting documents for groups of all sizes who wish to create an IWD event.

In addition to appreciating the work that’s been done, we’ll discuss the progress we need to make towards gender parity in the United States. The IWD materials blend this year’s theme #BalanceforBetter with DA’s ongoing efforts to raise awareness about the Equal Rights Amendment, which is only one state away from ratification. Join us in celebrating the revolutionary power of women and committing to women’s empowerment worldwide!

Click here to find an IWD event near you.

Help ban corporate PAC money from the DNC - take action Feb 12-13 2019

UPDATE: 5,278 signed the petition.  A compromise was worked out to move this issue to the  2020 platform process, which means state party platforms can address the ban and the full national delegation at the 2020 Convention will vote on a corporate ban. For more see this article: Did the DNC vote to accept corporate PAC money? Despite what you've heard, the answer is NO

Help strengthen the voices of ordinary Americans in the Democratic Party.  Sign the petition by DNC member Christine Pelosi (and co-signers) to ban corporate PAC money from the DNC.

As of writing, the petition is at 4,903 signatures.  Can proDA members put it over 5k?

Christine Pelosi will present the petition to the Resolutions Committee of the DNC on Thursday, February 14 at 1pm Washington DC time. proDA CoChair Sue Alksnis and EMEA Regional Rep Siera Burtrum will be observing the meeting. Please sign the petition by end of day Wednesday, February 13.

The petition link lays out a strong argument for banning corporate PAC money, which can also be read in this medium article: Democrats Can Win 2020 With a Corporate PAC-Free DNC or below:

To be delivered to Tom Perez, DNC Chairperson

Democrats won big in 2018 with a clarion call to work #forthepeople not the special interests — to restore voting rights, clean up corruption, and center people in the debate over jobs, health care, and equality of opportunity.

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Seeking Members to Represent ProDA to Local Groups

ProDA announces our new ProDA Liaison Position Description. The description was emailed to all our global members with a request for comments. Several members took a look, and we didn’t get any negative comments, so the position description is now official!

Please contact ProDA with interest or questions by using the ProDA action survey or emailing

Progressive Caucus Local Liaison Position Description:

The ProDA Local Liaison will act as the connection between their local group and ProDA’s global organization.

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Run for DA Elections - Deadlines to declare candidacy will fall between January 2019 and May 2019

If you helped get out the vote, how about running?

DA country committees and chapters will be holding elections between January and June 31. 

You can look at your country or chapter online for information at, but check a few times as they will be posted over several months.  

Also look to receive in coming months an email soliciting candidates (it might arrive in your “promotions” folder if you have gmail). 

You may also want to contact your country committee or chapter chair now to discuss the process, deadline to declare candidacy, how to write a candidate statement, what positions are elected and how to run. 

You can run at both the chapter and country level, and in some cases you can also run for both country committee leadership and DPCA voting rep.  What is a DPCA voting rep? Read on.

DPCA Voting Members are elected. Could you be one?

If you want to push forward issues or policies or practices within DA that you think are on the more progressive side, keep in mind that Country Committee Chairs and DPCA* voting reps elected in each country get to elect DA global leadership (including 2 DNC members), help make changes to DA’s charter, and vote on DA’s resolutions on legislation and other issues.

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Send your Healthcare Photo to Members of Congress

Add your photo to the DA healthcare stories booklet that will be shared with Members of Congress after the new year.

Act quickly to be added to the booklet before printing.

Photos could be of yourself, family or health-related, like a health receipt, medical equipment or prescription.  You can even use the "I Heart Universal Healthcare" sign in a selfie picture at this link

Even better, write a short description of why you love healthcare where you live and take a photo of you with your story, or maybe just your story if you like.  

Your story of affordable, quality, accessible healthcare overseas will help Members of Congress understand what is possible in other countries – and what is possible for all Americans.

Send your photo by email to Kent.


Medicare For All Barnstorm Training Calls - December 2018

Take action and get training to make improved Medicare For All a reality.

Want to see all Americans get the healthcare they need?  Join ProDA and the National Nurses United for a major nationwide mobilization in February 2019.
Next step is to join one of their training calls in early December, on the 3rd, 5th and 7th.  They have agreed to help ProDA volunteers host events overseas as well as virtual actions.

Register for a training call here: may need to copy the link and paste it into the navigation bar to avoid a 'blocked plug in' screen)

If you plan to attend the training, or just want to help with ProDA’s M4A efforts, please email us HERE.

M4A Barnstorms are a great complement to ProDA’s Healthcare Stories book which will be distributed to Members of Congress, and our planned letters to the editor campaign, so a number of ProDA volunteers are participating in the training calls.  Join us and host an event where you are!
For more information on the M4A Campaign’s February action see:
And listen to the Post-Midterm Organizing Call that explains the Barnstorm effort here:
To contact ProDA, email us HERE.


Poor People’s Campaign Call 2018 - Nov 28


The Poor People’s Campaign

This progressive grassroots effort may interest Progressive Caucus members.  The Poor People’s Campaign is a “National Call for Moral Revival uniting tens of thousands of people across the country to challenge the evils of systemic racism, poverty, the war economy, ecological devastation and the nation’s distorted morality.” 

With over 200 partners including Women’s March, Our Revolution, Democratic Socialists of America, CODE PINK, and many coalitions and groups working in peace, anti-poverty, veterans issues, anti-militarism, environmentalism, and faith-based groups.

PPC is holding a mass call to report on grassroots actions across the country and upcoming actions. The call is on November 28, 8pm ET (Eastern Standard Time). Register and more info at:

 If you would like to be part of a ProDA team supporting the Poor People’s Campaign, please let us know by emailing us HERE

How to Call for Progressive Candidates from Overseas


This is it.
The upcoming midterms are a do-or-die moment for America and an opportunity to elect the largest group of progressive candidates ever.
This means we can support candidates who ran primary campaigns that only took small-dollar donations from individuals like us and are not influenced by corporate and PAC money. Candidates who support Medicare for All and getting big money out of politics.
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Progressive Caucus Intro

ProDA - Working to increase transparency, accountability and fairness in policies, government and our party

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Joining ProDA (Progressive Caucus of Democrats Abroad) adds your voice to the growing call for progressive change. You are welcome, whoever you supported in the 2016 election. You choose your level of involvement within our network of fellow citizens actively working toward an America that delivers on its promise of government truly of the people, by the people, and for the people.

ProDA is for members of Democrats Abroad (DA) who: embrace policies that will proactively advance the United States toward a society rooted in economic fairness and social, racial, and environmental justice, particularly for the most vulnerable people in our society; seek increased transparency, fairness and accountability in political processes; and support international cooperation, peace, and mutual respect.

ProDA works to get out the vote among progressive Democratic voters abroad, and engage Caucus members in advocacy for progressive policy positions.

Our actions are grounded in the belief that when candidates embrace policies that more accurately serve the interests of the majority of Americans, potential voters at home and abroad will be more receptive to Democratic “Get Out The Vote” efforts.

ProDA activities: encourages voting abroad by progressive voters; provides resources for DA members to support progressive Democrat candidates; provides education on progressive issues; co-develops unique campaigns for activism with like-minded organizations; promotes and/or organizes community service to connect our values and actions; advocates for increased fairness, accountability and transparency in the Democratic Party; seeks cooperative and productive relationships with aligned groups such as the Congressional Progressive Caucus, state-level progressive caucuses, and other organizations composed of progressive Democrats and potential Democratic voters. ProDA does not endorse or support specific candidates in primary elections.

Members of ProDA will be encouraged to share their needs and expectations for DA and the Democratic Party, to be proactive in DA activities, and to work toward creating positive change in America and the lives of Americans abroad by making informed voting decisions in their home states.

Join us!

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