Global Progressive Caucus calls on all eight DNC members elected by DA members to join the Party Modernization Group

Among our core goals is increased inclusion, fairness, accountability, and transparency in our domestic political processes. That holds true for the work of our Democratic Party, too. We strive to achieve that goal with information, discussions, events, and calls to action.

At our May 30th 2022 Progressive Snapshot of the Primaries, Larry Cohen, Our Revolution Board Chair, Vice Chair of the DNC Unity Reform Commission, and currently co-initiator of the DNC Members for Party Modernization, encouraged us to focus on the need to revise DNC and State Party rules to enhance their inclusion, fairness, accountability, and transparency. Larry cited the case of India Walton’s thwarted 2021 mayoral candidacy in Buffalo, NY as one of many powerful examples for how rules can stand in the way of progress. His goal is to change them to promote progress!


At our July 2nd Progress for Progressives Monthly Members Meeting, Larry returned to promote the DNC Members for Party Modernization.

The key modernization components strive to

  • render DNC budget operations more transparent;
  • distribute more financial resources to the State Committees;
  • ensure greater diversity and more regional DNC member representation on DNC committees;
  • protect the Unity and Reform Commission reforms around Superdelegates;
  • operationalize the already-ratified Ombudsman Committee.

After listening to Larry’s comments and considering the initiative components, the Global Progressive Caucus endorsed the DNC Members for Party Modernization unanimously. We now urge other DA caucuses, task forces, councils, country committees, and leaders to support the effort, and together encourage DA’s 8 elected DNC members to become members of the Party Modernization Group.

If you would like to assist with this effort, please contact us: [email protected]