Questions for DNC Candidates

Questions for DA DNC Candidates from the DA Progressive Caucus

The Progressive Caucus is conducting a survey of candidates for DNC membership. We invited all candidates to complete our survey by May 8th 2020. Responses will be made available to all electors simultaneously on May 10th.

Survey Questions:

  1. DA DNC Member Qualifications

    What qualities and skills qualify you to be an effective DA DNC member? Why should members of the Progressive Caucus of Democrats Abroad support your candidacy?

  2. Communication with Democrats Abroad Membership

    What role do you think DA DNC members must play as intermediaries between the DNC and DA membership? Are you satisfied with the current status? If not, what specific improvements would you recommend?

  3. Reforms in the Democratic Party and DNC

    In 2018, the DNC adopted several Unity Reform Commission proposals for this year’s convention to make the Party more democratic, transparent, and accountable. Which of these changes should become permanent? What, if any, additional reforms are necessary?

  4. Policy Goals

(a)  DA overwhelmingly passed resolutions in support of Medicare for All and the Green New Deal at its 2019 Annual General Meeting. What would you do as our DNC member to promote them?

(b)  What other specific policies do you promote for inclusion in the Democratic Party platform?

(c)  What can DA DNC members do to make the platform a more effective instrument?