Progressive Caucus - Medicare4All

See below how you can participate in our campaign to support the improved Medicare4All bill in the House of Representatives.

2019 is the year for Medicare For All! Write a letter back to your US papers!

It’s time for Medicare For All. We have won the House and the Medicare for All H.R.676 is being revised and needs your help to get it out of committee and introduced before Congress.

The momentum behind Medicare For All has been bubbling for decades, and if we turn up the heat, it will boil over. It is a moral imperative, and it will save us - trillions.

We, as Democrats Abroad, have experienced first-hand the benefits of a universal, public, single-payer system truly works. This was the reason we launched Healthcare Stories - and will soon be sharing these stories members of Congress.

The Progressive Caucus of Democrats Abroad is now asking for you to contribute to the next phase of how we can amplify our voices to combat the disinformation against Medicare For All being pushed by lobbyists and greedy moneyed interests who can see that momentum is growing for change.

Would you be willing to write a letter back to your local newspapers in the states  expressing your personal experience as an American abroad who has lived with Medicare for All?


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Tips for Medicare-for-All Letters to the Editor

Crafting your letter to the editor

While facts are crucial, sometimes personal stories can carry much more weight with skeptical readers. This is why we launched the Democrats Abroad Healthcare Stories in support of Medicare-for-All and now invite all members to share a story directly with Americans back home.

Below you will find some facts to help you draft your letter to the editor and tips for telling your story.

What do you really want to say?

It is crucial to put your story in your own words. Tell your story to help readers understand why you think the United States should adopt a Medicare-for-All system.

Remember that this is your story and you have just as much right as anyone else to put your story out there.

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Take action before mid-February 2019

We are asking for your urgent action to support our gold standard Medicare for All bill.

Right now Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Washington) is quietly rewriting the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act. The original legislation, based on the advice of the Physicians Working Group to create a universal public healthcare system in the US, is the gold standard of single-payer legislation. In its place, Rep. Jayapal is drafting new legislation under the National Improved Medicare for All banner and her staff have admitted the rewritten legislation will be weaker than its predecessor.

A single-payer healthcare system is both possible and morally imperative in a great country like the USA, but in order to achieve it, we must stand up and demand a strong bill.

We have just a few days to weigh in before the Medicare for All re-draft is finalized and released in mid February. Here's what you can do:

  1. Call Rep. Pramila Jayapal today at +1 202 225 3106 and tell her to preserve the original provisions of the Medicare for All bill by:
  2. Sign this petition to all House members asking them to expand Social Security and Medicare for All. Then call your representative and ask them to support both bills.
  3. Check with your local DA chapter to see if they are participating in a Medicare for All Day of Action in February. Click here to contact your Country Committee Chapter, or search for them on Facebook.
  4. Join our new closed Facebook group for the Democrats Abroad Medicare for All Working Group. There we'll be organising and posting more actions for you to participate in.

There are are currently unprecedented levels of public support for Medicare for All and we need to mobilize to keep the momentum going!


Send your Healthcare Photo to Members of Congress

Add your photo to the DA healthcare stories booklet that will be shared with Members of Congress after the new year.

Act quickly to be added to the booklet before printing.

Photos could be of yourself, family or health-related, like a health receipt, medical equipment or prescription.  You can even use the "I Heart Universal Healthcare" sign in a selfie picture at this link

Even better, write a short description of why you love healthcare where you live and take a photo of you with your story, or maybe just your story if you like.  

Your story of affordable, quality, accessible healthcare overseas will help Members of Congress understand what is possible in other countries – and what is possible for all Americans.

Send your photo by email to Kent.