Tips for Medicare-for-All Letters to the Editor

Crafting your letter to the editor

While facts are crucial, sometimes personal stories can carry much more weight with skeptical readers. This is why we launched the Democrats Abroad Healthcare Stories in support of Medicare-for-All and now invite all members to share a story directly with Americans back home.

Below you will find some facts to help you draft your letter to the editor and tips for telling your story.

What do you really want to say?

It is crucial to put your story in your own words. Tell your story to help readers understand why you think the United States should adopt a Medicare-for-All system.

Remember that this is your story and you have just as much right as anyone else to put your story out there.

If you’re having trouble getting started, here are some tips. Use the ones that resonate most with you and don’t feel like you have to use them all:

  • Start with what makes the issue of healthcare so important to you. What motivates you to fight for Medicare-for-All?
  • What healthcare experiences have you had that made lasting impressions? Help readers connect with you story by describing how you felt in addition to what happened.
  • Be bold, be proud that you are an American living overseas and that you want your fellow Americans to be able to access the health care they need. Many will not be familiar that healthcare is easier to get abroad as many just hear scare tactics from opponents to reform.
  • Try to anticipate objections to Medicare-for-All, but don’t feel like you have to be on the defensive. Many Americans accept the health care system because it is the only one that they have known. Your story helps give them another reference point for comparison. It will challenge the disinformation that so many Americans hear on a regular basis.
  • Help you readers have hope for the future. How much better would Americans’ lives be under a public system like Medicare-for-All?
  • Mention the district’s House Representative by name in the Letter. This will make headway with getting attention in Congress. You can find out if they support the bill here.
  • Encourage readers to call their House Representative and tell them that they want Medicare For All.
  • It can be brief (500-700 words), keep it your personal experience, and be sure to name the House Representative for the district by name, and to invite readers to call the Rep in support of M4A.

Here are some resources that will help arm you with facts about Medicare-for-All:

Thank you! We can win this fight!