My "Mamaw" was born in 1925 in Menard, Texas and probably wasn't today's ideal of a "feminist" – but she influenced my life, and the way I think, more than any one else in my "village"... When I was a young boy she told me stories about how she worked as a teacher, earned her own money but couldn't make some financial decisions for herself – without the consent of her husband ("Papaw") or another male relative. It was the late 70s or the early 80s, and she said that things were "getting better" but that "we are still not even in the *** Constitution!" She talked to me about abortion rights, how little girls are treated differently at home and at school than little boys, the "control" men had over women's lives. That said, I think it's fair to say that my Mamaw had a thing or two to say to my Papaw about women's issues over the years. Papaw had issues he felt strongly about, for sure, but he was smart and probably never crossed her on any of her issues! She taught me that it is important how we raise our children, and what we say to them – especially our sons. And in the back of my head, I hear her words every time I talk to my sons, every time we talk about their mother, their grandmothers, etc. Dorothy Chapman White was a wonderful grandmother, and she taught me that "Men of quality respect women's equality"...  Quaide Williams, Lives in Germany, Votes in Texas