Connect with DAGR!

Overrun with political emails and posts? Ready to unsubscribe from all? Wait!

Two facts can clear your inbox and point the way to ‘enlightened citizenship.’

  1. The DNC does not control what other Dem-affiliated groups may send your way. Daily. If you click a petition, you’ll get on some candidate or PAC’s mailing list and rue the day! Most have an ‘unsubscribe’ button at the bottom. Use it.

  2. If you want to stay informed, JOIN. Dems Abroad only sends out email to members. You can still get a lot if you sign up for everything. BUT, at the basic level, you'll get an email every one to two weeks from the Country Committee (DAGR, here), and important reminders of registration and other deadlines from the global team. It’s worth being a member!

Besides our emails, Democrats Abroad Greece has lots of options to connect and keep informed as we enter these next crucial weeks before November 3rd and beyond.

We span several social media platforms; we are part of Democrats Abroad global web site and, of course, you can contact Democrats Abroad Greece “the old-fashioned way” with a phone call or an email.  (And even that you can do via Viber or WhatsApp!)

Below is a listing of all the ways to contact us and view the latest news and information so that you can be fully prepared and informed as an overseas US Voter while in Greece!

We suggest you pick one or two.

Or just pick up the Phone (or WhatsApp, Viber) 694 294 0720, 694 709 6622