October 18, 2016

DebateWatch 3 – Presidential: Clinton vs Trump

Tempting as it is to say “No, not one more minute of DT’s trash-talk,” this IS the 3rd and last debate. It may be Hillary’s best yet. After that, we turn to the folks at home, with that last pitch to get them out to the polls.

Whatever the tone of DW3, you won’t want to miss it. So join us at the Hard Rock!

DEBATE WATCH 3 – Details

Thursday, October 20 - 07:00 pm - €10

Hard Rock Café, Adrianou 52, Athens, Greece

Just behind the Monastiraki train station - Park and ride!

RSVP here by Wednesday:


Mark your menu choice(s)!

Cheeseburger, Caesar Salad w/Chicken or Veggie Leggie Burger – with fries and your choice of a beer, glass of wine, or soft drink.

Pay at the door.
Order more from the waiter if you like; pay as served.

Upper room at HRC. Take the stairs from the entrance, or, if you’re stair-challenged, just ask the staff for help. They’ve got us covered so everyone can enjoy the evening.

€10 per person

Tips jar will be passed for the wait staff!

See you there!