Democrats Abroad Descend on Athens

Democrats Abroad Greece is rolling out the red carpet for the Regional Conference of Democrats Abroad on the weekend of October 11th to 13th.  Members of country committees from Europe, the Middle East and Africa, also known as EMEA, will gather in the birthplace of modern democracy.

There will be meetings, training sessions, presentations and social gatherings as the purpose of the conference is to bring together like- minded Democrats. Presentations and discussions will focus on issues that affect us, specifically as expats living outside the continental borders of the US, as well as taking back the White House and the Senate in 2020.

The program includes a Welcome Reception, set in the heart of Athens antiquity, surrounded by a modern metropolis, plus a full day and a half of meeting sessions to get all the news and brainstorm strategies. In between, there will be breaks for Greek cuisine and cocktails, to socialize and talk seriously in casual settings. A GALA Dinner is on the program for Saturday night with rooftop views of the Athens skyline and the opportunity to grab some great art and unique items up for auction that will help support Democrats Abroad coffers.

WebEx participation is available for those who cannot attend in person, allowing you to listen and contribute to most aspects of the meeting from your home. Please contribute the requested donation amount for WebEx participation to help DA defray the costs associated with our high-quality integration of remote participants.

You will need to register through the links below to attend any parts of the conference. The conference is only open to registered members of Democrats Abroad, so please have your friends that have been on the fence, register now. Have them follow the links below to register to vote and join Democrats Abroad.

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The EMEA Conference Program

Welcome Reception
Webster University Cultural Center, Plaka
8 to 10 pm


Conference Meetings
Hotel Electra Metropolis
9 am to 5 pm

Lunching at Metropolis area restaurants
12:30 – 2 pm

Pre-GALA Cocktails
Hotel Electra, Ermou St
Hotel Bar
6:30 pm to 8 pm

GALA Dinner
Hotel Electra, Ermou St
8 to 11 pm


Conference Meetings
Hotel Electra Metropolis
9 am to 1 pm

Women’s Caucus Luncheon
Hermione Restaurant, Plaka
1:30 to 4 pm



To register for the meetings:
RSVP and registration links can be found here

To register for the food and drink go here.

We also will need volunteers to assist with the smooth administration of the conference. Join the fun and lend a helping hand by following the link for signing up below. 
To register as a volunteer sign up here 

DAGR members are looking forward to welcoming Expats from the region and offering them a taste of Greek hospitality as we work together to ensure major wins at home in 2020!

For more information about the conference go here.  

Questions and concerns can be directed to Will Bakker (Regional Vice-Chair) directly here or to DAGR here