January 17, 2016

Generosity on the Ground in Greece part 3

For our fellow Dems Abroad who’ve asked how they can help, links to the groups on the front lines. This is the third of a five part series that began on Jan 11, 2016.  The series is divided up by the location of the services, so Lesvos volunteer organisations are found in the first 3 postings. The fourth posting is for Kos and the fifth one presents volunteer organisations in Athens and Piraeus.

By Stacey Harris-Papaioannou

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Lighthouse Relief Lesvos



They met in Skala Sikamineas on the northeastern coast of Lesvos in September 2015. This area suffers the highest influx of refugees per day yet lacks both sufficient infrastructure and financial resources.  None of the larger organizations are based here and help is urgently needed. These volunteers decided to start their own initiative. At present they provide hundreds of refugees everyday with emergency aid such as heated shelter, healthcare, clothes, food and water. The main priority is to protect the most vulnerable groups such as children, women and the elderly.

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Donations:  Swedish bankgiro: 377-6507
International payments: IBAN SE2950000000054031040237BIC ESSESESS 


Helping Refugees Lesvos Island Skala Sykamineas 


In the village of Skala Sykaminea there are several thousands of refugees arriving every day, with a normal population of 300 locals in the summer and 50 in the winter. The village is working hard to help the refugees day and night and at the same time trying to maintain a normal life, which can seem impossible in those conditions. But they do, and still with a smile on their face and love to give. Without any government organizations, they are alone. Recently they have had help from private volunteers and smaller organizations who travel there to offer assistance.

Donations: Skala sykaminea Bank account  IBAN : GR5001104150000041563534522  BIC: ETHNGRAA


Lesvos Winter Proof


Lesvos Winter Proof makes camp Moria in Lesvos ready for winter. Inspired by setting up major outdoor festivals, Lesvos Winter Proof fills the gap in terms of shelter, security, logistics, crowd management and production. This group of volunteers has experience in transforming open parking lots into tented rooms and collaborate as much as possible with small organizations.

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Donations:  NL93 RABO 0175271658 t.n.v. Foundation 10.000 HOURS and quoting Lesvos Winter Proof


The Village of All Together


The “Village of All Together” is a network of citizens, collectives, groups and other organizations in Lesbos with a common goal to act altogether. PIKPA is an open, self-organized refugee camp in Lesvos. They distribute food and clothes to the port, Kara Tepe and Moria This self-managed space has hosted more than 6.000 refugees, some for few days and others up to a year. The refugees include asylum and family unification applicants and/or vulnerable groups of newly arrived refugees e.g. people with disabilities, sick, pregnant etc. Food, clothing, medication, legal counsel and medical help as well as are offered.

Donations: ΙΒΑΝ: GR5301107620000076200126290 SWIFT (BIC) ETHNGRAA


Coexistence and Communication in the Aegean



It’s the eldest local group for the peaceful coexistence of Turks and Greeks on both sides of the Aegean. The main aim of “SINIPARXI”, as its name denotes, is the coexistence of different people, with different language, religion, ethnicity, culture, tradition, ideas. It is basically an antiracist organization, which deals with refugees and immigrants and with the development of friendly and peaceful relationships with the neighboring people.     

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