Letter to "Inactive Members"

Dear Member,
Each year, in January, Democrats Abroad must verify their membership. This is done by each Country Committee. Democrats in Cyprus have not yet established a country committee, but as we are neighbors, regional has asked Democrats Abroad Greece (DAGR) to help verify members there.

As you may be aware, there are several requirements in order to be a member of Democrats Abroad.  One must:

1.     Live outside the United States at least six months of the year, with a local physical address or local phone number in the host country,

2.     Be eligible to vote in the next US election,

3.     Support the goals and values of the Democratic Party of the United States.

Once joined, membership is good for four years. Each time DA has contact with us, the four years is extended from that new contact date. These contacts include but are not limited to   attend an event, be reached by a phone volunteer or use the VoteFromAbroad website to register to vote or to update our contact information.

However, if we don’t connect for four consecutive years, our membership expires. Of course, this may mean we changed our ‘abroad’ address, phone number or email, we had no phone or computer, or we returned to the US.

Dems Abroad doesn’t like to lose members, so we make every effort to get in touch.

Dems Abroad Greece was asked to call members in Cyprus during the fall 2016 Get-Out-The-Vote drive, and we managed to reach a few, but by no means all. Now we’re reaching out, once again, to make sure we have contact with everyone who’s still eligible to be a member.

Here’s how you can let us know you’re still in Cyprus and still want to be a Democrat Abroad.

1. Fill out your current contact details on the enclosed form and mail it back to Secretary - Dems Abroad GR, C. Moschopoulos Thermopylon, 83 Argyroupoli 16451 Greece OR …

2. Call us at +30 210 991 8107 or +30 693 270 0095 and give us your new contact information over the phone. OR …

3. Visit the VoteFromAbroad website, fill out your information, and click ‘Update my membership’ before you click ‘Submit.’ The website is www.votefromabroad.org

Although Democrats are disappointed in the 2016 election results, we can’t give up. It simply means we have a lot to do to prepare for 2018.

Should enough members in Cyprus want to form up a country committee, DAGR will be more than willing to answer your questions and help mentor your efforts.

So, we really hope you’re still in Cyprus and we really hope to hear from you!


Karen Lee, Chair, for the Democrats Abroad Greece Executive Committee