Post-election Views: A newsletter of sorts

Sheep-like acceptance is no way for a political animal to act. In US and state law are the basic tools to try to make this election right, before it’s a done-deal. We may not change the outcome, but we will have done our best.

This collection of short articles lays out the tools we can use now. Feel free to share them!

Chair's Note
Five days after the election … rationale for getting back to work

Déjà vu? Change the View!
A look back at questionable elections and why it’s time to wake up!

Count the Vote
A timeline from election thru certification, what counts, what doesn’t

Sins of Our Fathers....
Moving on in the name of ‘unity’ leaves crimes unpunished, ripe for repeat

Electoral College: Breaking Bad
Why the EC was established and why it should honor its mandate in 2016

Electoral College: Abolish the Electoral College
Holy Anachronism, Batman! It’s time to honor the popular vote!

Assuring the Integrity of the Vote – Background
Introduction to how the vote can be tampered

Assuring the Integrity of the Vote - 1 Voter Suppression
Ways the vote can be short-changed before, impossible to change after

Assuring the Integrity of the Vote – 2 Conduct of the Election Process
How the vote can be altered by activity at the polls

Assuring the Integrity of the Vote – 3 Hacking the Vote
Vulnerabilities of electronic voting machines and counting software

Watch for updates!

Steve Rosenfeld, Alternet, 30 Nov, 2016
What 6 top election experts are saying about the next big step
One of the better writers on the recount, with background and rationale. Read this Rosenfeld piece and check back for his updates.

Old but welcome news of the past week included this:
Clinton Campaign to Participate in Green’s Recount Effort