May 22, 2024

Town Hall with Sven Clement; MP of Luxembourg's Pirate Party

On Tuesday March 14, 2024, Democrats Abroad Luxembourg (DAL) hosted MP Sven Clement of the Pirate Party for a Town Hall at the restaurant QoSQo on the Place d’Armes of Luxembourg City.

Before we get into the Town Hall, a little about Sven:

Sven Clement is a Luxembourgish politician known for his significant contributions to the political landscape of Luxembourg. Born on January 19, 1989, in Luxembourg City, Clement demonstrated an early interest in politics and technology.

Clement's political career is notably marked by his involvement with the Pirate Party of Luxembourg. He co-founded the party in 2009, showcasing his commitment to advocating for digital rights, transparency in government, and civil liberties. His efforts were pivotal in establishing the Pirate Party as a recognized political force in Luxembourg.

In the 2018 national elections, Clement's leadership and strategic campaigning led to a historic moment for the Pirate Party, as it secured seats in the Luxembourgish Parliament for the first time. This achievement underscored his skills as a political strategist and a leader who could translate digital age concerns into mainstream politics.

Apart from his political endeavors, Clement is also known for his expertise in information technology, which he often integrates into his political work. His approach to politics is heavily influenced by his tech-savvy background, emphasizing the importance of digital innovation in governance and public policy.

Throughout his career, Clement has been an advocate for open government and digitalization, striving to make Luxembourg's political system more transparent and accessible to the public. His work continues to impact the political discourse in Luxembourg, especially in areas related to digital policy and citizen engagement.


Democrats Abroad Luxembourg (DAL) was treated to a wide-ranging discussion on the history of the Luxembourg Pirate Party, of which Sven Clement was one of the founders, as well as issues on the minds of Americans in Luxembourg. Questions were posed by DAL Chair Lynette Stoltzfus with Sven expanding on the topic.

  • What are the main achievements of the Pirate Party? The most newsworthy achievement was the “Arrêt Clement” which resulted from a lawsuit against the government to allow parliament the right to read contracts that were being signed by the government on behalf of the country. This right was at first opposed, but the Pirate party finally won on appeal. At the present time there is another lawsuit in court which concerns the arrangements made between the government and pharmaceutical firms during the pandemic. What these lawsuits have in common is the demand for transparency.
  • A lively discussion ensued about what the government could do to for accompanying spouses, as they are often highly qualified but encounter difficulties in employment.
  • What is your appreciation of the existing government coalition? There appears to be a two-tiered system where resources are taken from policing financial transgressions to policing the poor.
  • There followed a discussion about the electoral system, as a referendum several years ago voted 80% against giving the vote to non-Luxembourg passport holders. Sven explained that indeed there were several questions asked at the same time in the referendum which was confusing and the issues were very poorly communicated.
  • Sven recognized the unique situation of Luxembourg in which so many residents are from foreign parents (70% of residents have at least one parent who is foreign born) and this creates a situation where the government jobs, including public transport, public schools and local townships are mostly staffed by Luxembourgers.
  • Sven is a personable and open person who loves the US and is going to spend several weeks in the U.S. this summer.