2016 DNC Convention

Democrats Abroad will help choose the Democratic President nominee at the Democratic National Convention, July 25-28, 2016

Democrats Abroad will be sending 21 delegates from around the world to represent Democrats Abroad at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this year.

Our delegation is made up of 13 pledged delegates, elected during the 2016 regional caucuses and global convention, and eight "super delegates" who each receive half a vote at the Convention. These "super delegates" include our Chair and Vice Chair and six Democratic National Committee (DNC) members elected every four years to represent our party within the DNC. Our delegation also includes representatives on the Convention's standing committees, alternates and pages.    

The allocation of pledged delegates to candidates was determined by the results of the Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary, held in March in countries all around the world. You can find more information about the primary results here.  

We are looking forward to an intense four days of work in Philadelphia, culminating in Wednesday's roll call vote for the nomination and Thursday's acceptance speech by our nominee.  During the Convention we will be broadcasting news about our delegation and the Convention both on our website and in our Facebook and Twitter feeds. The hashtag for the convention will be #daphilly2016, so keep an eye out for posts! 

Our delegation is made up of the following members: 

Delegation Chair
Kathryn Solon, Germany (International Chair)

Standing Committee Members
Credentials – Eric Lee
Platform – Joe Smallhoover
Rules – Karen Olson

At-large Delegates

Ed Ungar, Canada (Bernie Sanders)
Giles Hogya, Canada (Hillary Clinton)

Asia Pacific 
Alexander Gonzalez, Japan (Bernie Sanders)
Carmelan Polce, Singapore (Hillary Clinton)

Larry Sanders, UK (Bernie Sanders)
Penny Schantz, France (Bernie Sanders)
Ryan Turner, Spain (Bernie Sanders)
Reno Domenico, Ukraine (Hillary Clinton)
Salli Anne Swartz, France (Hillary Clinton)

Kari Mosleh, UK (Bernie Sanders)
Bob Vallier, France (Bernie Sanders)
Sarah Tseng, Canada (Bernie Sanders) 

PLEO delegate
Julia Bryan, Czech Republic (Bernie Sanders)

Solomon Steen, China (Bernie Sanders)
Shari Temple, Germany (Hillary Clinton)

DNC Members
Ken Sherman (International Vice Chair)
Bob Bragar
John Eastwood
Stanley Grossman
Caitlin Kraft Buchman
Sandra Loridans
Gary Suwannarat

Amanda Mohar, Hong Kong
Jacob Alt, Russia
Jeffrey Cheng, Sweden
Josh van der  Ploeg, UK