November 15, 2016

Democrats Abroad 2016 Get Out The Vote Efforts

Democrats Abroad worked hard supporting the 9 million Americans living abroad in get out the vote efforts in 2016. We had on-the-ground voter teams in 41 country committees and ran a huge global effort to reach these millions of Americans and help them vote through our online voter registration tool -

Our global efforts included social media outreach, online phone banking, and a 24/7 voter help desk. Besides helping our hundreds of thousands of members within Democrats Abroad, our global team focused on finding, educating and supporting overseas Americans to request a ballot and return it on time to be counted in November.

We also engaged with Democratic State parties in battleground states and where there were races important for a broad Democratic victory.   

In 2016:

  • 150,000+ voters used our online tool to request their ballots. That’s an 83% increase over our numbers from 2012.
  • 120,000+ phone bank calls made to Americans abroad, helping them request their ballots 
  • 2.5 million+ Americans abroad reached through votefromabroad facebook ads
  • 30,000+ voters reached through our 24/7 online voter help desk
  • 5 Global Town Halls organized for over 3,000 voters to attend and hear from Senate and House candidates across the United States


2016: we estimate that more than 1,000,000 UOCAVA voters submitted ballots
2012:  606,425 UOCAVA voters submitted ballots (EAC 
2008:  682,341 UOCAVA voters submitted ballots (EAC)  

(UOCAVA = overseas civilians and military & dependents posted outside the US or away from their home state)


34,570 Americans abroad participated in the DA Global Presidential Primary in March of 2016.
68.79% voted for Bernie Sanders. 30.92% for Hillary Clinton. 
For more details, visit our full article on the GPP Results