April 17, 2019

Statement on 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary Candidates

As an official state party recognized by the Democratic National Committee and the largest organization for Americans outside the US, Democrats Abroad takes our role very seriously when it comes to supporting the rights of all Americans to participate in fair and free elections, wherever they live.

It has long been the policy of Democrats Abroad, from the international level to country committees, caucuses and task forces, that we do not endorse or offer preferential treatment to any Democratic candidate when they are running against other Democrats. And we were very pleased to see the DNC echo this sentiment, firmly declaring that all employees must strictly adhere to impartiality during the 2020 presidential primary cycle.

Democrats Abroad is proud to support the full breadth of candidates in the running for the 2020 Democratic Party nomination, and as such, we reaffirm our commitment to supporting a fair and free impartial election, including before, during and after the Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary.

The Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary will take place from March 3 (Super Tuesday) through March 10, 2020, allowing Americans abroad to cast primary ballots from anywhere in the world. Democrats Abroad has and will continue to put tremendous time and effort into ensuring that voting in the Global Presidential Primary is easy, accurate, and secure.

“As an official state party recognized by the Democratic National Committee, we once again look forward to holding our ‘state’ presidential primary next spring,” commented Julia Bryan, Democrats Abroad International Chair. “It’s crucial that Americans abroad know their votes will be counted — in the global primary as well as in the general election — and that the Democrats Abroad primary is their opportunity for voting for their presidential candidate of choice.”

As part of these efforts, Democrats Abroad is extending invitations to all 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, which includes the following:

  • Opportunities for each candidate to participate in global town hall meetings, which will focus on the issues that matter most to overseas Americans,
  • Opportunities for each candidate to meet with Democrats Abroad in person, including at the organization’s annual general meeting in Washington, DC in May 2019,
  • Opportunities for each candidate to provide written responses on where they stand on issues that uniquely impact Americans living abroad.

We are excited to participate in this unprecedented primary, and look forward to a constructive exchange of ideas among all presidential candidates.

Democrats Abroad will be keeping our members and friends up to date on our role in the 2020 primaries, and how Americans abroad can get involved, through our website. Check back soon for more.