2024 Platform Committee Information

The role of the platform committee members is participate in the Global Platform Committee through the approval of the platform by the DPCA body at the global convention and posting of the final version of the platform on the Democrats Abroad website.

The role of the regionally-elected platform committee members is to convey any regional resolutions relating to the 2024 platform to the Global Platform Committee. The Regional Platform Committee members submit regional resolutions to the Global Platform Committee Chair.

Basic requirements

Platform Committee Members should have about 15 hours to commit per week through mid-June (not including the regional and national conventions).


Responsible, at a minimum, for the following:

  • Serve as 1 point of contact for DPCA leaders, Country Committee and caucus leaders.
  • Support the Organization of the final draft of the platform.
  • Help ensure platform passage at the global convention - this includes helping secure support from the electors / DPCA voting reps Chairs.
  • Take on at least 1 specific responsibility such as 1) Managing the process 2) survey feedback and communications 3) revisions, writing and editing 4) outreach to leaders and 5) website/online materials updating.
  • Work with the committee to coordinate presentations and outreach for regional and national conventions.
  • Attend the Global Convention as a key Player to pass the platform.
  • Help finalize the language to be submitted to the DNC.


  • Excellent listening skills that do not internalize criticism but instead act on suggestions being brought forward.
  • Experience writing group documents and /or Ability to separate one’s own ideals from that of the others in order to create unified documentation.
  • Enjoys talking with people from all backgrounds.
  • Track record of bringing creative solutions to resolving differences.
  • DA certifications and skills in any or all of the following – online event management (Webex), DA website and membership mailing skills (Nationbuilder)
  • An understanding of the platform development process with an interest in moving the process forward
  • Knowledge and understanding of political dynamics within the DPCA
  • Passion for the success of the DPCA.