Women To Win: Nancy Goroff (NY-01)



There are numerous impressive candidates running for the US House of Representatives in 2020, however, not many can boast a career in scientific leadership and research. Nancy Goroff is running for New York’s 1st Congressional District to make Long Island a better place for all. Nancy raised her two daughters on the island, sending them to Ward Melville High School, so she understands the worries and needs of Long Island families. 

Nancy has made Eastern Long Island her home, having established herself as an academic leader in the district. She holds a PhD in chemistry and would be the first woman in Congress to hold a doctoral degree in a STEM field. For the past twenty-three years, she has taught at Stony Brook University and was the Chair of the Chemistry Department at the university. Nancy’s research focused on the creation of organic semiconductors, a technology that would bring down the cost of harnessing solar energy, making it more affordable and accessible. All the while, she dedicated her time to stand with uninsured researchers at the university and advocate for fair healthcare access.


There are three main issues at the forefront of the Goroff campaign: coronavirus, climate change, and healthcare. Nancy noted that the lack of trust in scientists is dangerous for our country, especially during a pandemic. 

CORONAVIRUS: Coronavirus is currently the top of Nancy’s list of priorities. She is concerned about the lack of trust in the scientific experts and wants to be a voice for scientists in Congress. Given her extraordinary background, she is uniquely qualified to engage with scientists and researchers who are working tirelessly for a vaccine. She wants to create a national response plan that sees the “distribution of personal protective equipment, testing materials, and medications so that our healthcare workers have the supplies they need when they need them.” She feels that her incumbent opponent Representative Lee Zeldin has not acted in the district’s best interests during the pandemic and she will fight to ensure all her constituents can stay safe during this crisis.

CLIMATE CHANGE: Nancy sees the impact climate change has on Long Island and knows that, just like with coronavirus, experts should be listened to and trusted by the public. Nancy would introduce legislation to protect the environment both locally and globally. She supports reentering the Paris Climate Accords. She is also a member of the National Advisory Board of the Union of Concerned Scientists, giving her experience to communicate the science behind climate change with her colleagues in Congress. She supports aggressive policies to combat climate change, including a pledge to make the US carbon neutral by 2035. 

HEALTHCARE: Nancy wants to see increased healthcare equity, especially among Long Island communities. In particular, the cost of prescription drugs is a problem for the average American family. Nancy will fight for these families to ensure they have fair and equitable access to the healthcare they need. Nancy also recognises that healthcare issues do not end at the doctor’s office. She understands that disadvantaged communities often face other issues that compound and that lack of healthcare access makes leading a healthy life difficult. Nancy is also concerned with food deserts, a phenomenon where communities have limited or no access to supermarkets or food stores with high quality and nutritious food. She will fight to ensure that Long Islanders have safe shelters and secure food supply chains. Having fought for healthcare access at Stony Brook University, she will lead the fight for all Americans to have access to affordable, high-quality healthcare.



Winning NY-01 is crucial to securing a Democratic majority in the House. The incumbent, Lee Zeldin, is an avid Trump support who often acts as a surrogate for the President in the media. Zeldin has not hosted a town hall in years and does not make himself readily available to the district. Nancy will make sure that Long Islanders have the ability to communicate with her, especially on issues that directly impact the district. It is up to Long Island voters to ensure a smooth victory for Nancy and Long Island!



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