Co-Chair, Zurich Chapter

Arizona Voter living in Zürich

Born and raised in the South San Francisco Bay Area, I have lived and worked throughout the United States and the Americas as a student and activist (Pacific Northwest, Mexico, NYC, Argentina), human rights investigator and Spanish/English interpreter (El Salvador), and educator and writer (U.S.-Mexico borderlands). Since moving to Europe for doctoral research in 2007, I have stayed active in U.S. politics from abroad. After Trump’s election, I introduced Writers Resist, an MLK Day literary event, in Zürich and Geneva. In response to the 2017 white supremacist march in Charlottesville, I initiated Stand Against Hatred/Stand Up for Equality, a public phone-in to U.S. Members of Congress to demand action. I have voted democrat my entire electoral life. My feminism is inter-sectional and I am passionate about environmental, social and economic justice, science and the arts, asylum and migrant rights. Getting out in the streets for climate action, registering voters to protect our democracy, and organizing creative events that offer opportunities to build community and imagine more sustainable futures give me inspiration and hope. I look forward to working for our Zürich chapter of Democrats Abroad as a member of our leadership team.