"With liberty and justice for all"

Because I have worked in schools most of my life, I have heard that phrase in the Pledge of Allegiance almost every day. Each time I have thought about the ERA. It was important to me in the 70s and my country failed me. It is just as important now. You, the Senate, have the opportunity to show me there have been some real changes. Women and girls need to know we are included. We need to hear it explicitly because we have heard and seen the opposite for so long. It's time to show us that our country values us enough to have our equality specifically included in the Constitution. If the Senate does not approve the removal of the deadline, it will be a clear message that we are not entitled to the same rights and protections that men and boys are granted. Your vote will show how you feel about us. I need the ERA so I will be able to say "with liberty and justice for all" and believe it. I live in France but vote in California.