Global State Teams Coordinator; Secretary, Germany; Göttingen-Hannover Region Vice Chair

Over the past year, I have helped to organize and lead the developing State Teams, particularly the Texans Abroad team. I was appointed to the role of the Global State Teams Coordinator at the beginning of 2022 and work together with our 12 teams to provide targeted outreach to our key state voters. We are also hosting numerous Meet the Candidate events throughout the year to help connect overseas voters with the candidates for a range of officers in their states. 

I am also currently the Secretary of Democrats Abroad Germany, and my volunteer efforts with Democrats Abroad began when I took on the establishment of the Hannover Precinct. After helping to increase our membership and presence in Hannover so that we could become the Göttingen-Hannover Chapter, I became the Vice Chair of our growing chapter. I am a native Texan who has called Germany home for 20 years. As a mother of two boisterous boys and an international school teacher, I am passionate about helping young people take action to make the world around them a better place. I try to lead by example with the work that I do both at Democrats Abroad and on other projects, such as assisting refugees, protecting the environment and helping local food banks. I hope that we can continue to increase the outreach in our region, in Germany and across the globe to ensure as many people as possible exercise their right to vote. I also truly hope that we can turn Texas blue!! 

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    Californians Abroad Planning Meeting

    Join the DA Californians Abroad State Team to map out our outreach for 2022 heading into the Midterms and crucial Federal, State and Local elections. Everyone is welcome! It's all hands on deck as we gear up for final weeks before the election!

    Date: Monday, August 29th

    Time: 1pm Eastern / 7pm CEST

    Zoom info provided on RSVP

    For more info, write to [email protected]

    August 29, 2022 at 1:00pm
    Washington, DC
    United States
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    TX Candidate Information

    Who's running this year?

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    Study Abroad Outreach

    Study Abroad Outreach for Battleground States

    It is estimated that ONE MILLION students will be studying outside the U.S. this year and each of them is eligible to VOTE from ABROAD!

    Did you go to college in the U.S. or study overseas? You can help us reach students who will be studying abroad this fall by contacting your alma mater or your study abroad program with information on how to vote from abroad.

    Click HERE for a message you can use as a template to reach out to your alma mater!

    Please let us know that you've contacted and heard back from your alma mater by filling out this FORM!

    Here’s how it works:

    Please participate in our alumni outreach campaign to help encourage democratic participation by students studying abroad. Our goal is to have members reach out to their alma mater(s) and make sure they’re providing accurate and current information about registering to vote while studying abroad.

    1.       Find your Alma Mater's Study Abroad Office: 

    The easiest way to do this is simply search “[name of university] + Study Abroad Office” – there will be a contact person or email listed on the website; this will be your target! 

    1.       Personalize the Email Template (see below):

    We encourage participants to personalize the introductory portion of the email template. It is important that we show the universities that it is personally important to their alumni that students studying abroad exercise their democratic rights. The more personal, the more likely a response!

    1.       Send the Email: From a personal email account, send the email and wait for a response!

    Should you receive any questions that you don’t feel comfortable answering, please forward them to [email protected] and a voter assistance volunteer will help.

    1. Let us know what happens next!. 

    Please record whatever you hear back on this form. If you don’t hear anything after a week has passed, please reach out to the contact again. If you still do not receive a reply, let us know that, too!

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    Californians Abroad Meet the Candidates Series


    The road to victory in 2022 runs through CA thanks to these competitive but winnable districts!

    California needs your help!  

    Our mostly blue state still has many purple and red districts that we must flip. In 2020, we lost one district by 333 votes. We are not going to let that happen again! All roads to victory in the House of Representatives go through California, and we are determined to win them all! Your vote, as a Californian, has never been so important.

    The Golden State is leading the way in expanded abortion access, common sense gun laws, cleaner environment, combating wildfires, and much more. These big tent districts with diverse communities demonstrate that, together, we can make our dreams for California, and the United States, a reality.

    For the first in our California Dreaming series, we are proud to feature:

    • Candidate Christy Smith - District 27
    • Candidate Dr. Asif Mahmood - District 40
    • Incumbent Rep. Mike Levin - District 49
    • Incumbent Rep. Josh Harder - New to District 9

    Join the DA Californians Abroad State Team for our Congressional District Series:

    1st Event: Wednesday, August 24th at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT/ 7pm CEST

    RSVP for the Zoom link!

    Save the date for our 2nd Event - October 8th! More details to come!

    You can also join our CA team to help pave the way to the Midterms!

    August 24, 2022 at 1:00pm
    Washington, DC
    United States
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  • Watch the Recording of our Kick Off Event!

    Missed our Kick-Off Event? Watch anytime! 

    On June 1st the Maine State Team welcomed: 
    • Maine Secretary of State, Shenna Bellows

    • Maine Democratic Party Chair, Drew Gattine and

    • Portland Press Herald columnist, Bill Nemitz

    for an online panel discussion about voting from abroad and what's at stake in the 2022 elections.

    If you missed this very special panel and Q&A, don't worry - you can still watch it HERE anytime!

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    Maine Voting Information


    Be sure to cast your vote in this year's crucial Midterm elections!

    By turning out the overseas vote in Maine, we can
    • Keep Janet Mills in the Governor's seat
    • Send more Dems to the US House
    • Help win elections up and down the ballot!

    Request your ballot TODAY!

    In 2020, close to 10,000 ballots were sent to Maine overseas voters. According to Secretary of State, Shenna Bellows, ONLY 300 overseas voters have requested their ballots as of June 1st! 

    It is essential that we turn out in record numbers this year to help KEEP MAINE BLUE! You can still request your Primary ballot AND get set to vote in the November elections, including the races for Governor and US House.


    2022 Ballot Request HERE

     We need your help to get Maine voters abroad to the polls! Let all your overseas friends and family know that they can and should VOTE this year!

    • You can submit your request by email using Vote from Abroad and ask that your ballot be sent to you by email as well

    • The deadline to submit your voter registration application (FPCA) or request an absentee ballot is 5pm EDT on the day before the election, but don't delay!

    Need Help Voting from Abroad?

    Check out these helpful resources for Maine UOCAVA voters from the Department of the Maine Secretary of State: 


  • Chapter Welcomes Kassel Precinct and New Leadership!

      The Göttingen-Hannover Chapter is pleased to announce the formation of the Kassel Precinct, with Richard Sentinella taking on the role of Precinct Captain. We are also excited to welcome three more new volunteers to our leadership team, Dr. Katie Von Holzen as our Get Out The Vote Coordinator, Verena Wilkening as our Media Contact and Karla Schmidt organizing our University Outreach. There are more volunteer opportunities if you're interested - please read on for more information.


        Richie Sentinella, Kassel Precinct Captain                                  Katie Von Holzen, GOTV Coordinator 


                Verena Wilkening, Media Contact                                             Karla Schmidt, University Outreach


    Read more

  • Chapter Name Changed to Represent our Diverse Region

    We are proud to announce that the chapter name has been changed to the Göttingen-Hannover Chapter!

    Read more

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