Interim Secretarty, Switzerland; Women's Caucus Co-Liaison, Switzerland

The wonderful thing about Democrats Abroad is the passion of its members. Here we are, thousands of miles from where most of us grew up, building a community and working for a better future. I'm proud to be a part of that community and to have the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded people. People who are putting in the time and energy to ensure that those we elect are the individuals most committed to and capable of improving the lives of all Americans. As a person who has benefited many times from Democratic legislative policies like healthcare for low income families and publicly funded grants for college tuition, I know just how critical it is that we win and secure a majority for the left at every level of government. 
For years I worked on campaigns for Democratic candidates at every level, and now I study democratic systems to better understand how representation can change and improve. I'm thrilled to be putting that knowledge and experience to good use with DA Switzerland.