Tyler Cofield - Sanders Delegate Candidate

My name is Tyler and I'm running as a Sanders delegate candidate. As a young, Black, queer, progressive from Texas, I understand how vital it is to vote this Republican administration out of office. But we can't let ourselves settle in the process. We can unite the party, while also fighting to protect the rights of every American citizen - especially those most vulnerable. I am running for election in all 3 Regional Conventions, as well as the Global Convention. If elected, I would view my role as a delegate as threefold:

1) Work tirelessly to give Senators Sanders agenda space in both the Biden Campaign and the Party platform.

2) Represent DA, increase our profile, and spread our key message to increase voter turnout.

3) Work to make sure the party is unified before November.

I look forward to representing Senator Sanders, DA, and all that Progressives stand for.