July 2020 Newsletter

DA Stuttgart Chapter July Newsletter


Dear Members,

I hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July weekend!

This year is certainly going to go down in the books as a “unique” year—social distancing, home office, schools holding online courses, countries barring travel from hard-hit countries (the US) and wearing a mask to protect others is seen by some as showing your party affiliation.

There are many reasons that come to mind to vote blue in the fall, many of which circle around the sitting President and his personal “swamp”. Not only did DT not drain this alleged swamp, but he fed the alligators lurking in the murky depths very well. By trying to keep his personal finances a secret, we do not know who may be holding the strings to the current resident of the White House. Due to a lack of transparency, we do not know who received bailout payments that were meant to help small business owners; we also don’t have oversight on the billions spent to fight COVID-19. Judges have been appointed that will form the future of many generations to come in an ultra-conservative manner (the Supreme Court mandate on birth control is just one example of this). 

The rhetoric of the WH is not one of unity and inclusion, it is a “we” versus “them” attitude. When atrocities like the death of a POC due to police brutality occurs, there is not compassion and understanding of the anger that ensues. Instead, phrases like “law and order” are heard from the President, who is more interested in looking like a tough guy instead of working on the problems at hand.

As we continue into the summer of social distancing, there are numerous online events, voter assistance days, volunteer opportunities, book clubs, meet-and-greets and social events to participate in. We invite you to join us in some of the many fun and interesting events hosted by us and other German chapters. Some of these include:

A)     The Great American Quiz Night, held on July 15, 2020 from 7-9 pm

contact: berlin@democrats abroad

B)     Phone Banking Training , held on July 18, 2020

Event host: DAUK Phonebanking

Contact: phonebanking@democratsabroad.org.uk

C)     Meet & Greet for Baden-Württemberg, held on Sunday, July 19, 2020 from 7-9 pm.

Contact: Sasha Arrington, DAG Stuttgart 


Shockingly, only 10% of US citizens living abroad that were eligible to vote actually voted in 2016! Here are 5 ways for you to help improve this horrible statistic:

1.      Request your ballot at www.vote fromabroad.org

2.      Help us color postcards to send to US voters in “battleground” states like FL, GA, MI & PA

3.      Phone banking 

4.      Donate! If you don’t have much time, but would like to support us, please do! DA is run entirely on donations and lots of dedicated volunteer work

If you have questions or would like to help with Democrats Abroad Stuttgart, please get in touch! Wishing you a pleasant, safe July!

Sasha Arrington


Stuttgart Chapter Interim Chair