Meatless Monday kickoff!

The Climate Action Team is thrilled to kick off our Meatless Monday recipe exchange with DA Norway Vice-Chair Christina Skovsgaard's Meatless Minestrone.  From the chef herself: "With today’s expanding repertory of global recipes, we do not, in any way, have to limit our choices or palate. There is a world of delicious meatless meals. I am sharing my recipe for easy Meatless Minestrone Soup The GWC Climate Action Team is looking forward to trying some of your vegetarian or vegan recipes, myself included." Click through to get the recipe and learn more about how eating less meat and dairy is climate action!

Eating less meat and dairy is one of the easiest *individual* ways you can lower your environmental impact and reduce emissions. It's also a way to eat healthier and try out new cuisines and recipes (especially if you're in a pandemic cooking rut!).

On a systemic level, reforming the way food is consumed, produced, and distributed is critical to tackling climate change, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, addressing food insecurity, and restoring ecosystems. Currently, meat and dairy cultivation and farming is unsustainable for the planet and for people. It requires vast quantities of land, often resulting in things like uncontrolled burning in the Amazon, pollutes surrounding waterways with chemical runoff and harmful waste products, relies on chemical pesticides and antibiotics, and is often cruel to both the animals and the workers involved in every step from transport to slaughter. Some estimates put meat production at 14.5% of global emissions.

Like all climate issues, unsustainable industrialized agriculture and meat consumption is also an issue of equity - the populations most responsible for global emissions also produce and consume the most meat. The populations suffering the most food insecurity and least responsible for climate change often have to export crucial food supplies (like grain and fish) which become feedstock for industrial farms. Reducing meat consumption would help to break this cycle.

We hope you’ll click the links above to learn more, and send us your own meatless monday recipes!

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