EXTENDED to NOV. 18! GOTV fundraiser

Enter to win by this Thursday—and raise funds for GOTV 2022.


Just enter by this Thursday, Nov. 18. 

Proceeds from this prize draw will help us Get Out the Vote (GOTV) from Mexico—and the greater Lake Chapala area. 



Enter and you could win an iPhone, Samsung mobile phone or the estimated dollar value ($1,000 usd)!

All entries are due this coming Thursday, November 18. 

Winner will be announced very shortly after. 



Donate the following and you will receive:

1 chance:        $10 usd
5 chances:     $40 usd
10 chances:   $70 usd

You can enter via PAYPAL or DIRECT DEPOSIT 

Direct Bank Transfer:
Santander; Account: 60-62118339-6; Clabe: 014910606211833960;
Brian Lawrence Moran (DAMX Treasurer)

Please include 1) Prize Draw 2) Your Name and 3) Your Email in the notes when paying, to insure our ability to contact you if you win!


We can win in 2022 with your help—and you might win a new phone too. 

Thank you for your generosity and support!
Will Chapman, Chair, Democrats Abroad Mexico
John Boothby, Chair, Democrats Abroad–Lake Chapala, Mexico


1) You need to be a U.S. Citizen of voting age and a member of Democrats Abroad Mexico to participate.
2) DAMX Reserves the right to cancel this prize draw if financial objectives are not met ($1,000). Refunds will be provided to all participants.
Questions about how to make a donation? Email our DAMX Treasurer, Brian Moran, at [email protected]