Women To Win: Diane Mitsch Bush (CO-03)

“My opponent says she is tired of compromise and I totally disagree with that. I am exactly the opposite... I want to bring people together and reach out to groups so that we can get something done. I want to get rid of the gridlock. It’s time to unite.”

-Diane Mitsch Bush


Colorado’s western slope exploded onto national news when a GOP incumbent was ousted by a political neophyte during the June primary. Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District instantly became a microcosm of the general election pitting an extreme right-wing GOP newcomer against a Democrat with a long serving record of public service. The contrasts could not be more sharp in this unexpected barn burner. In what is a typically reliable red district, Democratic candidate Diane Mitsch Bush has flipped this race on its head. National attention has brought in an enormous amount of support for Bush as polling indicates this race is now a toss-up. 

Diane Mitsch Bush is a retired sociology professor, former state legislature and county commissioner. Speaking with Democrats Abroad, she thoroughly explains her policy positions with rapid fire precision. Her quick wit and energy resonates with voters in rural Colorado. “The day after the primary, Republican colleagues and friends got in touch by calling and texting me...They said ‘Diane, you’ve got to win. We are behind you. We can’t have her.' That’s a non-scientific example for sure but it is indicative. I think there are many moderate Republicans who will vote for me because another indicator of that is when you look at the primary results my opponent won big in just three counties. It wasn’t a clean sweep and she barely won her own county.” 

Raised by a single mom, Diane experienced the stress of financial insecurity as a child. When her mom joined a union things started to turn around. That had a lasting impact on Diane. “My mother, even when we were struggling, taught me and modeled for me that we are here to make things better for everyone. And that everyone deserves dignity and respect. I have tried to live those values all my life.”

Experiencing first-hand the everyday struggle of single parents and working families, Diane understands how unions help create good, stable jobs. Jobs that provide dignity, security and stability to so many American families. If elected, her policies are firmly rooted in helping working class, rural communities by advocating for healthcare, living wages and improving infrastructure. Diane has already proved she can work across the aisle, building a coalition of diverse perspectives to get the job done. She has dedicated her life to serving others by volunteering and holding public office for over 17 years. As a Colorado state representative from 2013-2017, Diane routinely worked on bipartisan solutions to solve nonpartisan problems. 



HEALTHCARE: “The high cost of healthcare and by that I mean both drugs and insurance costs. I worked on these issues when I was serving three terms in the state house. We need to strengthen the Affordable Care Act, we need to make sure we have coverage for pre-existing conditions but we also need to end surprise billing. That’s a practice where a patient goes in thinking that all the doctors at that hospital are covered because they are in-plan. Then all of a sudden the patient gets a bill for thousands of dollars because one doctor was not covered. That has got to end and there are a lot of ways to do that. Another issue is the high cost of prescription drug prices and the first thing we need to do is allow Medicare to negotiate. The VA has been able to do that for many years and their prices are a fraction of the cost.”

LIVING WAGES: “Our economy just isn’t working for people here in particular. The lack of living wage jobs in this area is a major concern. We need to do two things to incentivize and prevent: an infrastructure bank that would help us be able to once again invest in our infrastructure. That’s what brought us back from the Great Recession and we need to do that now. Transportation, broadband, electronic grid, water and we need those investments as soon as we can because that immediately creates living wage jobs. In addition, it has very significant multiplier effects in communities. It helps whole communities in terms of education, healthcare and small business success. That is one of my top priorities but related to that...the second thing that needs to be done is to create an economy that works for everyone is 21st century manufacturing. I worked with outdoor manufacturing firms in this district that built bikes. Right now there are 241 outdoor manufacturing firms and we need to bring more of those to our area. The other piece of manufacturing is making medical supplies here in the States. We found out with Covid that our supply chain is overly reliant on foreign manufacturers. Whether it’s masks or ventilators, we need to bring those good paying jobs here to the Western slope.” 

PUBLIC LANDS AND THE ENVIRONMENT: “That is a nonpartisan issue here. People throughout our district rely on public lands, even more so now with Covid to get away to fish, to hunt, to bike. I oppose selling off our lands and will fight efforts to privatize our public land. My opponent has opined on this incredibly important issue except for saying that we need to get rid of burdensome regulations by which I think she means environmental protections. I am very proud to be endorsed by both the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters.”



“My opponent says she is tired of compromise and I totally disagree with that. I am exactly the opposite. I am known for pulling together stakeholder groups on sage grouse, on water issues, on oil and gas issues and development issues both as a county commissioner and as a state rep. That’s what I would do in this Congress. I want to bring people together and reach out to groups so that we can get something done. I want to get rid of the gridlock. It’s time to unite.”  



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