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    Global Disability Caucus Signup Page


    Join the team working on our newest caucus, the new Global Disability Caucus!

    We would like to build the broadest possible membership in this new and important team within Democrats Abroad. 

    The mission of the Democrats Abroad Global Disability Caucus is to provide a voice for individuals with disabilities across its global membership. In addition to participating in voter and electoral support work the team will collaborate with allies within the Democratic Party and disability rights groups to ensure that all activities and venues are accessible; advocate on proposed legislation addressing disability rights; and educate and empower Democrats Abroad members and leaders about the issues impacting individuals with disabilities.

    In addition to Democrats Abroad members with disabilities, we welcome and encourage the involvement of supporters of our members and our issues.  We hope to form an inclusive, diverse, active and effective community which provides fulfilling experiences for all.

    **Please note that if you sign up to volunteer with us, you may be contacted directly via email by Chair, Marnie Delaney.


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