September 10, 2020

New Voting Guidance for Americans in South Africa

Updated 17 September, with new information from the U.S. Consulate

We all know the gravity of this election and the issues complicating it. It is essential that every one of us votes this year! Ensuring our ballots are submitted on time and counted is our number one priority. Please don’t wait until the last minute to request and return your absentee ballot. Let’s get this done!

If you have not already applied for an absentee ballot this year, please do so now. You can do this via


This year our ballots are facing obstacles from all directions. We are concerned about the many potential unknowns between now and 3 November including tech issues, foreign interference, interference by the President, overwhelmed local officials, and time constraints related to both postal and courier services. So, we encourage you to take 30 min today to ensure you are ready to vote, make your voting plan and mark your calendar for 19-23 September. Expect to receive your ballot via email by 19 September and plan to vote and return it by the 23rd. We implore you to vote as soon as your absentee ballot arrives.

The Voting Guidance for Americans in South Africa document contains everything you need to make that plan, including information on ballot drop-off services at U.S. Consulates in Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town. Read the Voting Guidance for Americans in South Africa today!

You can also click here for a document with information sent by email from the Consulate in Johannesburg.