January 15, 2023

MLK Day of Service

January 16th 2023 is Martin Luther King, Jr., National Day of Service. The only federal holiday designated as a National Day of Service, this designation reflects Dr. King’s vision of a “beloved community” - where there is no space for injustice, prejudice, or discrimination.

This is a defining moment each year when Americans across the globe step up to make communities more equitable and take action to build this dream. In the last 25 years since the institution of MLK Day, the Day of Service has grown, and its impact increased as more Americans embraced the idea that citizenship involves taking an active role in improving communities.

Global Opportunities:

Find an activity that you can participate in from wherever you are below!

  1. Host a Discussion
    • Dr. King's life and teachings
    • Dr. King’s principles of non-violence
    • Host a discussion across generations
      • Generations over Dinner: Honor Dr. King and host your own conversations over dinner (or other meal) that foster a sense of constructive action, civic participation, and belonging and combat the corrosive effects of hate on our democracy and safety. Learn more.
  2. Stock your bookshelves with books about Dr. King.
  3. Climate Change Actions
    • Mulch the base of trees and plants
    • Start a compost 
    • Tend a garden 
    • Learn more about climate justice
  4. Take a virtual tour of the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis.
  5. Join our Caucus and invite other AAPI and AAPI Allies. More members mean more inclusion, a louder voice, and greater visibility for AAPI Voters worldwide!
  6. Donate to the caucus and support our efforts at DA to promote and inform AAPI Voters globally!