March 11, 2022

Donna Lum, AAPI Caucus Steering Committee Member

Donna Lum

I’m thrilled to join such an enthusiastic and hard-working group at AAPI Caucus. There are so many issues facing us as part of the hugely diverse but “silent minority” but together we are up to the challenge.

I was born and raised in Hawaii, of second or 3rd generation parents who originally immigrated to the US from Japan and China. In 1996, I moved to the fascinating archipelago of Indonesia.

When Hawaiian-born Barack Obama ran for President, I joined Democrats Abroad Indonesia to volunteer for his campaign, and have remained active or semi active since that time.

Some of the issues that I am particularly interested in are GOTV, voting rights, and expanding DA membership and awareness. Other areas I’m passionate about are the participation and images of Asians in the media, and stereotyping of art and traditional cultures.