May 28, 2021

Saehee Chang, Germany AAPI Caucus

Saehee Chang

Hi everyone! Greetings from Nürnberg, Germany.

I decided to volunteer for Democrats Abroad Germany AAPI Caucus because it is personal and important to me. As a naturalized Korean American from Wisconsin, I want to raise awareness of the challenges and issues that the AAPI community faces every day. Since I moved to Germany in 2019, I felt disconnected and isolated from American politics. So I joined Democrats Abroad north and central Bavaria Chapter. In March 2021, after the horrific shootings in Atlanta, I felt numb, sad and worried for my family. The terrible and racist incidents were too much! So I decided that I had to do something to fight for justice especially for our AAPI community.

In the US I also experienced discrimination and microaggressions. It was frustrating and exhausting to deal with stereotypes and prejudices.
My teenagers also experienced uncomfortable situations and questions about their Asian background, not only in the US but also in Germany since they are half Korean American and half German. Wherever we are, we still face similar questions and experiences. I am doing this work for them as well.

I am also proud to be Korean American and teach about Korean culture through cooking and traditional drumming. I will continue to do this work in my new community in Germany.

Along with other communities that are facing challenges, I hope that our caucus will bring much needed awareness of AAPI issues and offer support for each other. Along with educational and social programs, we hope to reach out to AAPI in Germany and build connections. Feel free to reach out to me!